Cheats and Glitches

Map Label Cheat

  1. Open the map.
  2. Click on a location on the map, but don’t let go of the mouse.
  3. Drag your mouse to the X button and let go.
  4. The label of the room you clicked on should appear on your screen!


Blank Chat Bubble Cheat

  1. Type space into the chat bar.
  2. Press ENTER
  3. You will now have a blank chat bubble above your penguin!

Blank Chat Bubble on Ultimate Safe Chat Server Cheat

  1. Go onto an Ultimate Safe Chat server.
  2. Keep pressing the TAB until the yellow box goes over any of the buttons on the chat bar.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. You will now have a blank chat bubble above your penguin!

Empty Message on the Chat Log Cheat

  1. Type a bunch of W’s into the chat bar and press ENTER.
  2. Your wont be saying anything and in the chat log only your name will appear!

Game Label Cheat

  1. Click on any game, but don’t let go of the mouse.
  2. Drag your mouse anywhere else and let go.
  3. The label of the game you clicked on should appear on your screen!

Stand on the Mine Shack Cheat

  1. Go to the Mine Shack.
  2. Go to the left hand side of the shack.
  3. Click on the gutter that runs down the side of the shack.
  4. You are now standing on the Mine shack!

Stand on Walkways Cheat

  1. Click on a pathway that leads to another room.
  2. While you are walking over to it quickly open up your Penguin Mail.
  3. Wait a few seconds and the close your Penguin Mail.
  4. You will be standing on a pathway!

Walk Under the Chat Bar Cheat

  1. Go to a room in which you can stand next to the chat bar. (Example: Dojo, Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop, etc.)
  2. Walk to the right or left side of the chat bar.
  3. Click on the opposite side of the chat bar. (If you were on the right side click on the left side, if you were of the left side click on the right side)
  4. You will now be walking under the chat bar!

Sideways Wall Items Cheat

To put wall items flipped sideways, have a wall item up on the wall and quickly drag it outside the igloo, and it should be sideways.


Wall items on Floor and Floor Items on Wall Cheat

To make furniture items go on the wall and vice versa, double click the furniture item on the top rows of your inventory. You can do the same with wall items.


Walk on Lighthouse Walls Cheat

Go to the lighthouse, go behind the barrel of fish (or somewhere between the barrel and boat), click the door a few times and then click above the door, and you’ll walk on the walls.


Flashing Words Cheat

Say “green commander of (you can say anything here)” and the words will flash (excluding the parenthesis, what I said inside the parenthesis, and the apostrophes (these things: “). For example, green commander of Fever will flash if you say it. It works best if the word you use is 3-5 letters long.

Flashing Words 2 Cheat

Type with CAPS LOCK ON this: I saw a monster in a box So it should come up like this on Club Penguin: I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX (Im leaving spaces to signify no period). Then just walk around and the words will flash (as long as the chat you typed is still there; yes it can go away if you don’t walk for a while) . Another flashing words cheat is “People how do you work the blender?”


Jet Pack Adventure 1000 Coin Cheat

If you can beat ‘Jet Pack Adventure’ without getting a single coin, you will get 1,000 coins at the end as your reward.


Friendship Bracelet Cheat

You can get the Rainbow Bracelet at the end of ‘Rockhopper and the Stowaway’s book on the last page. You can find the book in the room above the Coffee Shop.


Red Puffle Surfing Cheat

Bring your RED puffle with you when you play the surfing game and it will surf along with you.


Speedboat Cheat

If you look in the binoculars in the Cove, and wait 10 seconds, you’ll see a speedboat whiz by with a penguin clinging on with a tube.


Sliding Cheat

Sliding even when not on the Ice Rink: As long as you’re on the Ice Rink room, you can still slide even if you’re not on the actual ice! For example, you can slide on the stands of the Ice Rink.


Spamming Cheat

How to spam: Spamming is talking nonsense real fast. To spam, press the J key repeatedly real fast and you’ll be telling jokes at the speed of light (If you’re not telling jokes, try moving to a different spot and/or make sure you’re not typing into the chatbox)!


Hidden Emotes Cheat

Coin emote: Press E and then M

Star Smiley: E and then N

Igloo emote: E and then I

Music note emote (also makes a farting noise): E and T

Pizza emote: E and Z

Smiley Face Emotes: E and any number

There are other emotes you can display by using this method that are already on your toolbar (Heart, Skull symbol, flowers, clover, etc.) that you can find yourself by just testing it out. And if these aren’t working for you, try moving to a different spot on the screen.

All of the emotes (click for full size):


Have Over 100 Buddies Cheat

When you have buddies in the 90s (I suggest having 99 buddies for this cheat to work), ask as many people as you can or want to be your buddy and DONT OPEN THE MAIL TO SEE IF THEY ACCEPTED OR DECLINED, just keep asking more and more people. When you think you’ve asked enough people, open all the buddy replies, and even if more penguins accepted so that you’d have more than 100 penguins, they’ll still be your buddies and you’ll have over 100 buddies.


Super Fast Snowballs Cheat

How to shoot snowballs really fast: Rather than pressing the snowball button on the chatbar in Club Penguin, just push T on your keyboard. So just keep pushing T and clicking to fire and you’ll be shooting real fast!


Super Fast Wave Cheat

Press W on your keyboard really fast.


Snowballs Shooting from the Ground Cheat

Do the cheat above (rapid snowballs cheat) and shoot the snowballs at a place far away from your penguin as fast as you can for ten seconds straight. Then, immediately move your penguin so it walks away from the place you’re shooting snowballs. The snowballs should be shooting from the ground. Other people can’t see this.


Ban Check Cheat

Type in the account you want to check in the log-in screen and then type in a random password that is over 5 digits long. If the account is banned it will show it.


Weird Locations Cheat

If you try to find your friend using the Find Friend Button and it says they’re hiding, it means they’re in the HQ. If they’re on an adventure it means they’re doing a mission.


Walk on the Beacon’s Light Bulb Cheat

Walk on the Beacon’s light bulb: Go behind the beacon and throw a bunch of snowballs through the beacon to the other side. RAPIDLY Press the +/= button on your keyboard and click on the snowballs to go through it. When your halfway through click behind the beacon to walk back (if you want). If this does not walk try redoing it but this time keep pressing the +/= button really really fast back and forth. This doesn’t work for some people because of their computer.


Put up all the Newspapers in the Boiler Room Cheat

Go to the boiler room and open the cabinet with the newspapers in it. Click and hold the last newspaper in the back of the cabinet and then move your mouse to the newspaper directly infront of it (keep holding). Now let go of the mouse and the last newspaper should be standing up. Now click and hold the second to last newspaper and move the mouse to the one in front; this one should be standing up too now. Continue doing this until all of the newspapers are standing up.


Four Penguins on the Bunny Hill at Once Cheat

Play four penguins on Bunny Hill AT THE SAME TIME: First, go to Ridge Run (the ski slope with four penguins) and double click ‘Yes’ as soon as it asks you if you want to play. You should now walk away from the slope, but you’re still waiting in the game; then walk to the Bunny Hill ski slope and click Yes when it asks if you want to play. You have to do this before 4 penguins (including you) start Ridge Run. If you do it right you’ll be playing the Bunny Hill course with the three people you’re playing Ridge Run with! The Bunny Hill slope is a lot easier, so when penguins struggle and trip in Ridge Run, you’ll win the game by playing the Bunny Hill slope. If it didn’t work, you probably didn’t double-click ‘Yes’ fast enough.


Walk on the Mine Shack Walls

Walk on Mine Shack Walls: This is the same concept as ‘Walk on Beacon’ so it might not work for some computers. Walk to the left or right of the Mine Shack (not the Mines, the Mine Shack), then rapidly press the +/= button and click the other side of the mine shack. This might not work the first time so keep tring and you’ll go through, be sure to keep pressing the +/= button when you’re walking through it. Remember, this does not work for all computers.


Sledding Cheat

This tip will increase your sledding skill tremendously. After each time you jump over a slope, a log, or go through an icy, slipper path (these are good for you), return to the middle of the slope so you will have an even chance of facing what’s coming next, rather than being on the far left or far right. Unless you wanna memorized the slope, this is the best course of action.



Super Chain Slide Flashing Words Cheat

Type “TACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACOTACO” into your chatbar, (which is exactly 12 tacos) or until your chatbar fills up. Then say it and walk around. The words should slide!


Tour Guide Answers Cheat

Go to the Ski Village, walk to the ‘Tours’ stall and take the quiz to become a tour guide by clicking the bottom of the sign that pops up (you get a hat afterwards). Your penguin must be 45 days old though. To get the answers to the questions click here.


Nonstop Dancing Cheat

Go to the town and start dancing, now click the home igloo icon, and you’ll still be dancing when you enter your igloo!


No Map or Spy Phone Teleport Cheat

Click on any penguin other than your own and click the ‘Send Postcard’ button. Click any postcard that invites them to a place, and preview it. Then DON’T buy the postcard, just click ‘Go there!’ in the Preview, and you’ll be there!


Super Farting Noise Cheat

To make a farting noise and a green music sign emote, press E and then T on your keyboard. If it doesn’t work move to a different spot and try again. You can do this as many times as you want.


Hidden Jokes Cheat

Sometimes the newspaper has hidden things in it. Try scrolling over the words, “Jokes”, “Riddles”, or “Poems” in the newspaper and if they light up, click on it to find the hidden content.


Walk Through Fire Cheat

Stand to the left of the bonfire in the Cove. Click on the ‘Catchin Waves’ shack, and you should walk through the fire!


Feed/Walk/Bathe Your Puffle Cheat

Click your puffle’s player card. Then click the map. Go anywhere on the map. You will still have the puffle’s player card even if you’re not in your igloo!

Walk on HQ Desk Cheat

Go to the upper right corner of the Secret Agents HQ. Click on the door on the far left and you’ll be walking over the table.


Walk through the Gift Shop Cheat

Do the Walk On Pathways Cheat and standing on the upper/right-most of the path that is right of the Town. Now start dancing. Then click on the door to the Dance Club and you should walk right through the Gift Shop to get to the Dance Club!

Find Four/Mancala Cheat

Go play Find Four or Mancala. When the sign pops up and asks if you want to play, click ‘Yes’ rapidly. Your penguin will walk away. You should now be playing the game from far away. Works better on slow computers/full servers.

The Night Club to the Dock Cheat

When you’re in the Night Club, rapidly click on the Exit door, even when the Town is still loading. If you do it right, you should end up on the left pathway leading to the Dock as soon as the Town loads.


Rainbow Bracelet Cheat

Go to the Book Room (above the Coffee Shop) and sit on the big chair on the far left. Then click on the stairs to exit the room. As soon as you click on the stairs, immediately open the Library (click lower right hand corner) and open the book ‘Rockhopper and the Stowaway’ and flip to the last page of the book to where the free Rainbow Bracelet is. Then click the bracelet but DON’T click Yes or No. If you do all this before your penguins gets to the stairs and exits the room, the cheat should work. When the Coffee Shop loads, there should now be a big Rainbow Bracelet floating in the air. The bracelet will stay with you no matter what place you go to on CP until you log off. If you want to get rid of the bracelet before logging off, you can redo the cheat but this time, click Yes or No.


Penguin Freeze Cheat

Click the tab on the top of the screen that shows that chat history. While the chat history is being pulled up and down by your mouse, click on any game to play (Find Four, Ice Fishing, etc.). You won’t be able to click Yes or No and you can’t stop moving the chat history tab! You can only log off.


Teleporting Cheat

Go to a highly populated server in Club Penguin that’s almost always full. Go to a place in CP thats full as well, like the Dock. There has to be a lot of people here for this to work, and your comp should be lagging at least a little. Do the fart emote (Press E and then T) and a Music Emote should appear over you. Now walk around the Dock and you should be walking incredibly fast for the first three to four seconds. It will look to others like you’re teleporting.


Snowball Throw Cheat

Press T to target your snowball. Then click somewhere far away on your right and while you’re reaching down to pick up the snowball, press W. You should be waving and a snowball should come out of your armpit! Also can be done while dancing.

Two Mancala Games at Once Cheat

Go to the Mancala room (above the Coffee Shop). Go to a Mancala game and click Yes real fast many times when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Now go back upstairs and go to another Mancala game and play it. If the person playing the first game quits, you will know!


Full Room in Game Cheat

Go to the Mancala or Find Four room (above the Coffee Shop or Lodge). Go to a Mancala/Find Four game and click Yes real fast many times when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Walk back upstairs and go to that same game. When you try Watching the game, it’ll say the Room is full and the room you’re in will reload!

Permanent Sliding Words

Say this in regular Club Penguin (without the quotation marks): “Want to help make movie? You be famous! but without the quotation marks and then walk around. The words will slide once and stop.


Puffle Bounce Cheat

Go to the Puffle Shop. Point your cursor at the Puffle Pen, the puffles will start bouncing. Click and drag your cursor from the pen to the Puffle Shop door. If you do it right, the puffles will still be bouncing where ever you go.


Crying Puffle Emote

Do the Puffle Emote (Press E, and then P) and then press the += button next to Backspace. Your puffle will now be crying.


Newspaper Spying Cheat

Go to a very big place on the map. Open your newspaper. Send a Joke/Riddle/Ask Aunt Arctic. Now stay on the place you are at before you send it. This is where you can see others do stuff while you read!

Permanent Message

Go to the gift shop. Start walking towards the Changing Rooms. Click on another penguin’s playercard request to be his/her buddy before you get there. Now the screen should say “Request Sent”. And you should have walked up to the Changing Rooms. When you walk up to the Changing Room, an automatic Catalog should have appeared. Now click OK to the “Request Sent” Display. The catalog will now close, but the message will still be there! No matter how many times you click OK, the message will still be there until you log off!


‘My Puffle’ Hidden Coins Guide:

  1. 1. Use the door handle to pull the door backwards and reveal the coin
  2. 2. This is different for each choice
  3. -Dock: Click the handle of the pump to make the penguin pump some more and bounce the other penguin into the air. The coin is underneath him.
  4. -Beach: The coin is under the bucket that is not held by the penguin
  5. -Forest: Pull the fireman penguin’s hat upwards and click on the coin as it falls
  6. -Cove: Same as for the fireman, just lift the blond wig off the penguin
  7. 3. The areas are different depending on your choice, but the idea is the same; drag whatever heavy, clickable object is nearby, and look for a coin to bounce out of the background when the first object drops. You might want to do this before typing in ‘penguins’ because they can make it hard to see the coin/object.
  8. 4-5. These two pages are the same. Drag the background down and a coin will come down too. Click the coin before the background springs back into place. It seemed to me that the coin moved away from my cursor, which made it very difficult.
  9. If you complete the book and get every coin, you get a 100 coin bonus, making the total 250 coins. Not bad, but compared to the 800 coins in “Burned Out Bulbs” this isn’t worth your time if you’re looking for fast coins.


Room Speed Up Cheat

This works best when Rockhopper’s in the room because the place has almost 100% all active users who move around a lot since RH is there, and there’s also a lot of lag. When Rockhopper just started moving and the huge crowd around him moves after him, do the fart emote (Press E and then T). Everyone moving will speed up and so will you. They will all be able to see this. Others can do this to you too. This works best when its laggy.

Rockhopper’s Key

Go to the Book Room, go to the Library, open the book “Rockhopper’s Journal”, turn to the very last page, and take the key! This key can be worn as a pin, and can be used to open RH’s Quarters on his ship, The Migrator. There is a bulletin board and a multiplayer game in his Quarters.

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