minicliplogoMiniclip is an online website known for their browser-based games. It is one of the largest online game sites in the world and hosts many different types of games including sports games, massive multiplayer games, action games, puzzle games, flash games and more.

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  2. 2nd!!!! Woton, can you make a guide for “Magic Pen” it fun but kinda hard! Im stuck on level 11!!!

  3. 3rd comment

  4. Look at my player page at Miniclip:

  5. Hey guys! It’s Demi lovato!! bye bye! i love you guys!!

  6. Um… ok hi Demi… 🙄

  7. Wow… that’s hard to fall for……..

  8. Hi! enjoy your life every one……

  9. jbtdrd

  10. also in cheats of miniclip i am the master, i have 2 videos as proof of taking the 5 top highscores, for my youtube channel contact with me or reply on this post.

    Woton if you add me , try me for a month and if you see i am not that good remove me! My email is in the comment

    -Ambassador Spiros

  11. awesome site! i luv ur cheats!


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