Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilot

Shoot down enemy aircraft and destroy ground forces to progress in Fighter Pilot! You are a fighter ace and must destroy all of the enemy ships to win the game. You can play in One Player Mode and progress through 10 unique stages or battle a friend in Two Player Mode.




Here is a complete guide to all 10 levels of Fighter Pilot:

Level 1: Duel

This is the starting level. Simply use the arrow keys to fly your plane and the space bar to shoot. You are the yellow/blue fighter and must destroy the red fighter. To destroy it, simply hit is with the bullets. Since you have unlimited ammunition, I would recommend simply holding down the space bar for a continuous stream of bullets.


Get behind the enemy fighter and stay on their tail, while firing at them. This is the best way to destroy your enemy quickly.

Level 2: Dogfight

Follow the same principles as the Level 1, get behind an enemy fighter and shoot them. However, be careful that you don’t get the other enemy fighter on your tail. If you do, just do a few crazy loops in the air.


Also, I recommend holding down the space bar for maximum firepower.

Level 3: AA Gun

Follow the same principles as Level 2, however, go over to the side of the stage battle your opponents. Once you have destroyed them, go in for the AA Gun (the turret on the ground).


Go in on a direct run at the AA Gun, while firing at it. If you get too close to the ground then pull up and go in for another run.

Level 4: Bombers

For this level, deal with the fighters over on the left side of the stage before attacking the bombers.


If you haven’t taken much damage yet, fly in on a direct course at a bomber, while firing at it. Do this for each of the bombers to quickly eliminate them. If you already have taken a lot of damage then go in a few cray loops around the bombers, while firing at them.

Level 5: Wingmen

This is quite an easy stage, as long as you don’t get confused with all the fighters flying around everywhere. Simply get on the tail of an enemy fighter and destroy it, then go onto the next one.


For this stage you will have wingmen. They are the green fighters and will help you destroy the enemy fighters. Remember that you can’t give them any damage when you fire at them, and they can’t give you any damage.

Level 6: Aces High

For this stage a new type of enemy fighter is introduced: Aces. Aces are like regular enemy fighters, except for that they are a lot smarter and can take a lot more damage before they are shot down.


I would recommend concentrating on one Ace at a time, while making sure that the other one doesn’t get on your tail and destroy you.

Level 7: Village Attack

For this level, I would recommend first destroying the Ace, then the fighters and finally the AA Guns. Remember to get on a fighters tail and stay on the fighters tail, while firing at it. Do this one by one for each fighter until they have all been destroyed. Remember that the fighters fly in a formation at beginning the  of the level and won’t shoot at you for the first few seconds. Use that time to deal as much damage to them as you can.


Be aware that there are three AA Guns, so you may have to pull up and go in for another run on them a few times.

Level 8: Squadron

In this level you will have a squadron of fighters against an even larger squadron of enemy fighters. Remember that the green fighters are in your squadron and will help you destroy the enemy fighters. You can’t give them any damage when you fire at them, and they can’t give you any damage.


Destroy the Aces first and then the regular enemy fighters. Hold down the space bar throughout the level for rapid-fire.

Level 9: Bomber Raid

This is probably the hardest level in the game, so don’t be upset if you don’t get it the first time. First, fight the Ace fighter, which comes after a few seconds, on the left side of the screen, away from the bombers. Try to take as little damage from the Ace as possible. Once it has been destroyed, go on a direct run at the bombers, and pick them off one by one.


 If you are almost out of damage to take, fly in circles around the bombers while firing to destroy them.

Level 10: Zeppelin

Make sure to know the attack point of the Zeppelin before you begin the level:


To destroy the Zeppelin, first fly along the bottom of the Zeppelin while shooting at the pods on the underside of it. Make sure to not come too close to the Zeppelin or you will crash into it!


Next, destroy the small gun turret on the back fin of the Zeppelin and the turret near the front of it. Once you have destroyed all of the attack points, you may need to fire a few more shots anywhere on the Zeppelin to destroy it. Once it has been destroyed you can not crash into it!


Congratulations! You have completed Fighter Pilot!

4 Responses

  1. i beat it realy fast

  2. Easy Game……….

  3. wow!!!!thanks for your guide!! i beat the game!!!in like fifteen minutes! Before i read the guide i couldn’t even do level 1!

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