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After years of living by these rumors Ninjas were finally released! You can find more about how to play Card Jitsu, a game that allows you to become a Ninja, here! You can find out more about the secret Ninja room here!


Yellow Puffles

Yellow puffles have long been another myth of CP and in the Halloween party of 2007 the myth became reality! Yellow puffles were spotted in the forest and mountain at 30-60 minute intervals. It then started making appearances behind the stage when it was being built. It later appeared in the newspaper and they were eventually caught and were able to be bought by members.

Yellow puffles are very artistic and one of them lives in a stage. That puffle is the 3rd yellow puffle ever seen (the first two being at the 2007 Halloween party). You can click on the two puffle statues at the top of the stage and he will come out. There are also some other ways he comes out such as pressing buttons on the switchbox.

A yellow puffle also helped in mission 7 by building the main gear to the CP clock.

Who knows what other types of puffles will show up? Brown? White? Orange?


Does Your Puffle Die When You Don’t Feed It?

No, your puffle does not die, it runs away and spends the rest of it’s life getting caught again and bought again. You can not stand in your igloo and watch your puffle run away, either. The next time you log onto CP you will get a message that looks like this:


Puffle Round Up Employee

It is said that if you complete 20 levels of Puffle Round up without letting any puffles get away you get to become a Pet Shop employee and automatically get 100 coins every Thursday. This rumor is not true. I have played 20 levels of Puffle Roundup without any puffles escaping and there was no such thing as getting to be an employee of the Pet Shop.


Tipping the Iceburg

This rumor is NOT true but after emailing CP about they made it seem clear that it might be sometime, just like ninjas.

Here are some hints Club Penguin has made that leads to thinking the Ice Berg may be able to tip some day:

  • In Newspaper Issue #144, there was a hint about tipping the Iceberg on page C7-C8.


  • In the Boat Hunt for Gary the Gadget Guy’s plans one of clues for where a boat was hidden hinted that it is (or will be) able to be tipped!


These pictures are edits:

The funny thing about this Ice Burg catalog is that both of these items are and were available!


Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is the head of the PSA and the Penguin Times. This rumor, however is about finding Aunt Arctic on CP. It is impossible. She appears in mission #1, The Case of the Missing Puffles, and in the newspaper but she not be met waddling around Club Penuin like RH can.

This picture is a fake:


Gary the Gadget Guy a.k.a “G”

Gary the Gadget Guy, a.k.a “G”, is the owner of the sport shop, CP’s inventor and a very important agent in the PSA. This rumor, however is about finding G on CP. It is possible!

At the 2008 Halloween Party you could meet Gary the Gadget Guy online in the secret Lab Room and get a cool background from him! Here is what he looks like:

Here is what the background he gives out looks like:

Here is what the player card background looks like in your inventory:


The Secret Room

Some people say that there is a secret room with ninjas in it. This is not true (although the Dojo may have ninjas in it soon). The only secret rooms are:

The Dojo (Might have ninjas soon). A Dojo is a place where you train in karate or to become a ninja! 😉 I think that this is some of the best proof that ninjas will be coming soon! 😀

The Iceberg

and the Mine Shack.

This is a map showing how to get to the secret rooms.

There are other rooms that are sometimes released during parties that are usually only accessible to members. Sometimes these rooms are hidden, such as Gary the Gadget Guy’s Lab in the 2008 Halloween Party!


The Viking Helmets

In every clothing catalog the red and blue viking helmets are always hidden. The red viking helmet can be anywhere and can be quite difficult to find. Here is an example of how it might be hidden.

There are other ways it can be hidden, such as in words, on catalog designs, or on a random place in the catalog. It is never hidden in the window that opens up when you click BUY on something. After you find the red viking helmet you can get the blue one by opening and closing the window with the red helmet four times.

To spare you the stress of finding it, every time a new clothing catalog is released you can come to this site and I will have the guide to finding the viking helmet already posted.

Once you could get the Gold Viking Helmet but that is no longer possible, although like all other things, Billybob says it will be brought back soon.


Moderators and Rockhopper Banned Forever?

This myth is not true. Do not believe anyone who says they have a moderator or RH’s password because their passes can be anything! If you enter, for example user: Billybob password: uuuuuu it will say the mod/RH you are trying to get onto is banned forever. The reason it says that is because RH and the moderators accounts are only able to be logged onto from certain computers in the CP office. The only way to get their names is to hack CP (highly NOT recommended).

If the moderator or RH is online it will give this message instead of saying they’re banned forever.


Rockhopper’s Key/Room

This is another myth that would never have come true, but since a ton of penguins were obsessed with the idea the CP made it happen. You used to never be able to get RH’s key and get into his room but now you can! This is Rockhopper’s room:


Secret Items

There are various secret items hidden throughout the catalogs. Run your mouse over the catalog to see if you can find them or come to my site, I always post the catalog secrets when they come out! Here are some pictures of various secret items.

As always, this page will be updated with new myths, rumors and secrets soon!

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