Rockhopper Guide


Rockhopper is an adventuring penguin. He sails the seas in his ship, the Migrator, in search of treasure and adventure. He returns to Club Penguin approximately every two months with items to sell.

When he’s in Club Penguin, his ship is docked at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse. You can board the ship and visit the Main Deck and the Hold.

Find out more about Rockhopper by reading his journal. It is located in the Book Room.


Rockhopper’s Quarters were released by Club Penguin a while ago. You can play Treasure Hunt game in them and view Rockhopper’s message board. Rockhopper is often in his quarters. To get into them you will need Rockhopper’s Key. Follow this guide to get it:

To find Rockhopper’s Key first go to the town and then into the coffee shop. Go up the stairs in the Coffee Shop to get to the Book Room. Click on the book icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen or the pile of books on the shelf.

Then click on Rockhopper’s Journal.

Click on the Newest Writing at the beginning of the book and flip the pages to the back of the book. Click on Rockhopper’s Key.

The key can also be worn as a pin!

Treasure Hunt is a game where you and a friend work together to uncover as much treasure as possible. Click on the instruction board in the back of the room for detailed instructions. You can get coins which are worth 1 coin, diamonds which are worth 25, and emeralds which are worth 100! It is very rare to get an emerald.

Finding Rockhopper

Rockhopper is usually on servers the have 3-5 faces on them. He likes to go on servers mainly located on the first two pages. The most common two servers he goes on are Frozen and Mammoth. If you see a server that isn’t usually full, but is now, go on it. Rockhopper is probably there.

To find Rockhopper you can use this helpful Rockhopper tracker, which automatically updates.

When you find the server Rockhopper is on look in rooms that seem full. The rooms that Rockhopper goes in most are:

  • The Migrator
  • The Beach
  • The Pizza Parlor
  • The Snow Forts
  • The Plaza

He also often makes his way around Club Penguin, so if a room is full that you think Rockhopper is in, go to a room right next to it. If you see a bunch of penguins trying to get into a room and shouting “Rockhopper!” then he is probably in that room. Rockhopper is almost always somewhere on the Migrator.

When you find Rockhopper make sure to click on his playercard and click on the button with the box on it.


You will get the Rockhopper Playercard Background!

Here are some statistics about Rockhopper:

  • 90% of the time Rockhopper is a robot, which means he is programed to say stuff, but isn’t actually controlled by someone. Club Penguin’s robot programing has improved much since Rockhopper’s first visit and he now can pick up on words you say and write a response to them.
  • 10% of the time Rockhopper is actually controlled by a Club Penguin moderator. If Rockhopper is taking a while to type stuff or makes one spelling error, then you know it’s a moderator.
  • 20% of the Club Penguin population has actually met Rockhopper. So remember- if you see him, your one of the lucky few!

Good luck Rockhopping!

Rockhopper Fun Stuff

While waiting to find Rockhopper why not relax and check out two stories told by Rockhopper and a Q & A session with Rockhopper!

These two stories told by Rockhopper are actually what he said on Club Penguin!

Cream Soda

Arrrg, ye want a story?

Gather round for a story!

So there I was, drinking me cream soda.

I was so thirsty, I drank the whole barrel!

But then I realized something, I wasn’t drinking cream soda at all!

Do ye know what it was?

It was shampoo!

I was coughing up bubbles for a week.

It was awful!

Learn from ye mistakes!

Always check the label on ye barrel!


Another story?!

Okay, Mateys.

So there I was on my ship, sailing the seas, with Yarr at my side.

Yarr was chewing bubble gum.

When all of a sudden, right in my beard, it was a sticky mess!

I was picking it out for a week.

The end, Mateys.

Shark! (Thanks to Zinko)

Ye want another story?

So there I was, taking a swim.

When all of a sudden I saw a shark!

There was no where to go so I swam as fast as I could!

The shark was chasing me!

I swam around Rockhopper Island a few times!

And let me tell you me island is huge!

The shark couldn’t catch me; I be too fast!

So I got away!

That be the end of me tale!

I promise this be true!

Rockhopper’s replies in this Q & A session are actually what he said!

Are you friends with the Sensei?

Arrrg, Sensei? Not sure who he is. He a pirate?

Every time I met Rockhopper I’ll add his latest story and question to this section! If you pick up and neat conversations with Rockhopper just email me them at and I’ll give you full credit for them! Remember that the stories or Q & A’s actually have to be true! 😉

Good luck Rockhopping and make sure to comment here if you find him!

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  1. I’ve met Rockhopper 7 times so far!


  2. There is a new story, There is one with a shark.Here is how it goes( check my video for full details
    So there I was! Taking a swim. When all of a sudden….I saw a Shark!There was no where to go…So I swam as fast as I could!The shark was chasing me!I swam around Rockhopper Island!!A few times!And let me tell you…ME island is huge!The shark couldn’t catch me! I be too fast!So I got away!That be the end of me tail!

  3. Awesome!

  4. Did my comment help Woton?

  5. I seen him 2 times and this was very odd.1 day I saw him 2 times on 2 diffrent servers,1 server he was typing fast like you said is a robot and the 2nd time he was talking very slow as a normal person would.weird right?

  6. I like this page, but I’ve only seen him once. 😦


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