Contest Results/New Contest/Stage Update/Site Update/New Penguin/Penguin of the Week/etc.

New Contest- Music Festival Contest!!

For this contest you must fill out the form for which room each of the pictures below are from. The person that gets the most answers right will get all of these prizes:

  • On my blogroll for a week
  • In my next music video
  • Editor on my site for a week (if you are already an author you will get promoted to editor). If you make good posts you might get to stay on my site for even longer!

 Each of the pictures are numbered. In the form, fill out what room you think the picture is from according to that number. So lets say I thought picture two was at the Dojo. I would write “Dojo” is the box on the form labeled picture two. Here is the form: Click here.

Here are the pictures:

Just to tell you, none of the pictures are from the Dock because it keeps getting updated. Have fun with the contest!

Contest Winners

The winner of the commenting contest is Bluep23! Here is his banner:

In second place is Ceptor99 and Vikco09! Here are their banners:


New Penguin

I have yet another new penguin! His name is Red5, he is a member and he is super rare! He’s over 950 days old!

You can earn him at the Award Shop!

Penguin and Igloo of the Week

The penguin of the week is….

Matre10! He’s a really nice guy who I’ve become friends with. 😀

As I said, I will still have Igloos of the Week, just not every week. I found a really cool igloo, however, that I found had to be an Igloo of the Week. The Igloo of the Week is…

Penguin1503’s igloo! Penguin1503 is a real beta (not a hacker). Penguin1503, Big Red and Bikeboy93 (three beta’s) are in this igloo.

Party Updates

Did you notice that the Main Stage has been updated twice? It seems that every day during this party it’s going to be themed like one of the other stages!

Yesterday it was themed like the pink stage at the beach:

Today it has the western theme from the Forest.

Also, the Penguin Band is taking a break.

Check out the Dock tomorrow again! I’m sure it will be updated!


Apparently you can meet the Club Penguin band while they’re on their break! They go on different servers, always in the backstage room. Here’s a picture of one of the band members:

Here’s a pic of my penguin with the background they give you when you find them!


Site Updates

You may have noticed some things going on around the site lately. Well, here’s what’s been going on:

  • A new page, the Award Shop has been made. You can earn cool prizes by commenting!
  • A new site, Woton’s Ultimate Links, has been made. You can get on it if you don’t have enough hits to be on my site’s blogroll! 😀
  • Two new widgets have been made, a Blogroll Requirements and a Site Guide.
  • I have done a few more little things to the widgets.

I am going to update the Game Guides and put some more funny pics on the Funny Pics page soon! I am currently working on a music vid. If you would like to be part of it just email me at

Waddle on!



11 Responses

  1. Whew! That was a long post!

    Anyway, in other news: Our hits have been soaring up lately! I fell a bit behind on hits when I went on my trip (I never seem to get many hits when I’m not here), but we’re making up for it!

    Waddle on!

  2. Why isn’t my banner animating?

  3. Nice Post! Oh yeah, I heard you needed a productions partner. Well, I could be your partner! I’m working on a background for us. Also, I’m making you an administrator again! I felt sorry for you of not getting to have the CSS upgrade. So, I’m letting you do anything with the CSS on my site! I hope that cheered you up!


    Woton: Thanks dude! You rock!

  4. Well…! You deleted me 🙂 Do ur best Good luck woton!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  5. hey woton give me five for deleting me! can i remove from my buddy list!~

  6. hey guys i just came back so if you could visit my site and comment or something that would be cool thx everyone for the visits we are on or 100,000 hit target right now!

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  9. Hello and I would like to particapate in ur contest! Here are my answers!

    Answers edited out

    omg getting bored now and the ones i didnt fill in i dont know
    i hope i win!

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  11. How i may contact admin this site? I have a question.

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