Planet Cazmo

pclogoPlanet Cazmo is a virtual world for ‘tweens and teens from around the world. Create an avatar, play games, music, videos, meet friends from all around the world! Planet Cazmo is a fairly new game, and recently went through beta testing (Woton is a beta tester), however it is already one of the most popular chat groups online!

Visit these links to visit other pages about Planet Cazmo:

  • (Under Construction)

10 Responses

  1. its way gooddddddd

  2. LOOL

  3. want 500 000 cazmo coins free? in 2 minutes? without hacking?

  4. can i have a free member penguin (with email id and password) (no problem if without email)

  5. illl help u with this site and up dating it i love planet cazmo.

  6. and my email is

  7. Hello Woton1, I am Spiros and I am the second ambassador of planetcamo( abassadors are like moderators) so please i would like to post in your site planet cazmo updates and believe me i know the update before it came. To see the way I am posting and see some posts to deside if you want to add me as a worker visit my site ( the link it can be removed after moderation)

    Thanks for reading my message,
    Ambassador Spiros

  8. ok i want 500,000 cazmo coins but no banning email is or ok bye

  9. woton i love your site and i really really want ot work on it. im an ambassador just like spiros except he is one of the first and im later on but i really love this site.
    Please Email me so we can talk at not my wp email its my real one and can you please remove it after you read it)
    p.s the one i used as my name is my wp email
    Please Add me i want to post for planet cazmo updates

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