Woton Egg Hunt!

Update: Someone has been going around hacking polls and blaming the Nachos of Club Penguin. Unfortunately, I have to deleted the Woton Moderators poll and will have to start a new one soon using a different program! I am still deciding what to do and will tell you later!

Also, one of the eggs didn’t work, so just ignore the Snowflake Egg!

Hello Penguins!

I hope you are having a good Easter!

I decided to make an Easter Egg hunt on this site for you! Just look around the site for the 4 hidden Easter Eggs! The Easter eggs will look like this:


The Easter Eggs are hidden throughout the site on these pages:

Club Penguin
Planet Cazmo

Just scroll through the pages and look for the eggs! I tried not to hide them too well, so they should be fairly easy to fine!

When you find an Easter Egg just follow these steps:

1. Click on the egg. There will be a number that appears. Remember that number or write it down.

2. Once you’ve found all 4 eggs comment on this post saying your penguin name and all 4 of the numbers.

3. The first 5 people to get all of the numbers correct get to be Woton’s buddy forever!

Also, the Woton Moderators poll was somehow hacked, but I have restored it! Make sure to vote for who you think should be the next Woton Moderator:

[Poll will be restored soon]

The first 5 people to find all of the eggs get to be Woton’s buddy forever!


59 Responses

  1. Here is an example response for when you find the eggs:

    Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Lally55. The numbers are 2, 45, 6, 76 and 8.

    Please be aware that the numbers I gave are not real! They are just example numbers!

    None of the comments containing the answers will be posted yet!


  2. Hello Woton.
    The miniclip egg doesnt have a number so ill just put egg number 4 ok?

    Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Zoo889. The numbers are 34,7,8,24,4

  3. Woah, your poll got hacked again by Weegee 😦

    Until then…

    Waddle On ❗

  4. Poll is still hacked..

  5. Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Jbond 12 The numbers are 34, 8, 7,Isnt a number for it ,24

  6. 34,7,24 (24 numbered egg had 2 or 3 Same)P.SIf it was a hack then 😦

  7. One more was 8

  8. I hope thats all.

  9. I’d find the eggs, but I need to tell you the poll i hacked again.

  10. i need help because the numbers were 8 34 7 the for the snow flake one it just showed my the egg. and the last one is 24.


  11. Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Spot4657. The numbers are 8, 7, 24 and 34, but for the frost egg there is no number! it is just an egg!

  12. And just to say, you got hacked again.

  13. Hello!I found all the eggs!My penguin name is Agent15642.The numbers are 34,7,8,snow egg,and 24.There is only 4 numbers but 1 picture of the egg.I hope I win.

  14. Hmmm….It looks as if Weegee has hacked your poll again. If you click on the snowflake egg, It will not show a number. Here are the other egg’s numbers:
    1. 8
    2. 34
    3. 7
    5. 24

  15. Ok my name is is Jelly Blue 9 on clubpenguin and the fourth egg did not show a number but ill tell you the four 34, 8,7, 24, thats it and you might want to fix the fourth egg 🙂

  16. 8,34,7,24. Thats all I can find!

  17. Woton soup is so good peoples!

  18. hey woton when i click the snow egg no number comes up!only the egg comes up again!

  19. Hello! I have found all of the eggs. But The Snowflake one doesnt say a number…

    My Penguin is staly vegas. The Numbers Are 4, 8, 7, 24 . BUT THE SNOWFLAKE ONE ON THE MINICLIP PAGE DOES NOT SHOW!


  20. FWI, the poll is hacked again. It says Weegee everywhere. 😉


  22. Woton! The Snowflake doesn’t have a number!

  23. But I did find the other four! My penguin name is Qwaddle56. The numbers are 34, 8, 7, 24, and as you know, the fifth has no number.

  24. snowfalake egg is not a number

  25. Woton have you read my answers and I really want to be your buddy.You know Agent15642 that’s me,but do you know Zack43247 because that’s me too.

  26. 8 34 7 24
    tuxedo man47

  27. Good.He was like IM WEEGEE AND I HACK POLLZ.Weird.

  28. I could only see 2 eggs! The rest i nowhere two be found!

  29. 34, 8, 7, 24 ~~Meggis1234

  30. The first egg (chinese egg) is 8. The second egg (present egg) is 34. The third egg (fish egg) is 7. The fourth egg (lightbulb) is 24.

  31. P.S. I saw the polls. Er . . . no comment. I hope I win when the real polls come back out.

  32. Hi im Davybear and all the egg numbers are:8,34,7 and 24.There it is!Hope I win!

  33. Hi im Davybear and all the egg numbers are:8,34,7 and 24.There it is!Hope I win!Bye!

  34. Sorry if i have two posts im really srry.I was confused.:[

  35. K the answers r 34 8 7 and 24

  36. woton…. Remember me?
    First this site got like 2 vies a day and now like 1000 or somethin!
    Good Times in the past! 🙂

  37. Super cool idea with the egg hunt at your site. Mind I use it in my site?

  38. Hey i am Plesentos118!! my site is http://www.plesentos118.wordpress.com

    http://cpunderground.forumotion.com/ this is forum of fotis01 and niceplayer plz join!!!
    send me comment

  39. I think the numbers are 1,2,3,5.And im aalready ur buddy!

    Donuh OF CPRA.FRW and Nachos

  40. Hey,I found all of the eggs!My penguin name is Rolllikero.The numbers are 34,8,7,24

  41. Gift Shop- 34
    DoJo- 8
    Fish- 7
    Light Bulb- 24
    Hope I win!

  42. Jordy Jordz
    34 7 24 8

  43. MEH? That’s stupid, fake Woton. WOTON SOUP??? 😮 Dumbbbbbb… AND Woton has a Gravatar AND his website isn’t crapcrapcrap.com


  44. NAME = Mitch2oo6
    EGG NUMBERS = 8, 34, 7, 24.

  45. Hello, I found all the eggs! My Club Penguin Username is 999blb. The numbers are: 34,8,24,and,7.


  46. Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Greenfooted7. The numbers are 8, 34, 7, and 24.

  47. Woton, it’s not me hacking your polls. There’s an imposter Weegee afoot.

  48. hi my penguin name is Stralis33
    the egg numbes are 34,24,7,8

  49. Awesome Post!

    Please Visit My Site:


    Thx & Have A Terrific Day!


  50. Hello! I found all of the eggs! My penguin name is Zoo889. The numbers are 8, 7, 24 and 34

  51. Hi Friezypop omg hiiiiii! LONGG time no seeee!!!!!

  52. I GOT THE NUMBERS!!!! 8,34,7,24

  53. oh my penguins name is Candyboy8

  54. hello my penguins name is Candyboy8. The numbers are 8,34,7,24. srry if im spamming.

  55. ninja egg is 8, gift shop egg is 34, fish egg is 7, and Light egg is 24

  56. name: Hasanb123 (teh god of nachos)
    Numbers: 24,34,7,8

  57. Hi! My name is Ben826 and my numbers are: 34, 7, 8, 24. I hope i’m correct!

  58. Hello, my name is Slimball2007. I have found all the eggs. The numbers are: 34, 8, 7, 24. Meet me on IMAF chat, 🙂 Just google it.

  59. 34, 8, 24, 7

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