Club Penguin Reviewed By You: The Most Challenging Puzzle

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar, Club Penguin has launched a new “Reviewed by You” post today. Last week, Club Penguin wanted to find out what was the most challenging puzzle on Club Penguin! Fun Boy Fun said:

The hardest for me was the yeti cave! I got soo confused! With everybody going a differnt dirction it made me really unsure where to go! I went up and down even with my buddies I got back to the starting line! It must have taken a day before me and my friends found the yeti cave! It was amazing we skated like we skate at the ice rink! We played until we got really tired! After we left we got yeti costumes as a award!

This week for the “Reviewed By You”, Club Penguin would like to ask what you are enjoying most out of all the the Medieval Party this year! If you would like to write your review, click on here. Write out your comment (Around 50-70 words.) and you might be posted on the blog and receive 10,000 coins to your Club Penguin account!

– Justrokstar 😉



Have you ever heard of the ACP? The ACP stands for the army of Club Penguin. Penguins join the army, participate in snowball fights on Club Penguin, vote in elections and get promoted through the ACP! The higher you become promoted the more famous you get on Club Penguin!

The ACP is also one of the largest Club Penguin websites ever, with over 1,000,000 hits! You can check it out by clicking here. I am currently a high ranking penguin in the ACP, with the rank of Lt. Colonel and am friends with the leader and co-leader of the ACP!

You may also have heard of Bellerophont. He is a good friend of mine with an extremely popular site, with almost 400,000 hits! He posts Club Penguin cheats on his site, just like me!

I have joined together with the ACP, Bellerophont and a few other penguins to create the ultimate surprise! Check back on my site tomorrow (Monday, February 8 ) to check it out! You will get the opportunity to become a famous!


Check back on my site tomorrow (Monday, February 8 ) to check it out!


There has been a huge hacking problem lately. A user named #iamthewurlus has been hacking everything. He hacked Wwe Adams YouTube a while ago, and a ton of other sites. Now he’s back. A few days ago Team Club Penguin forums, run by Chrisdog93, was hacked. I was a moderator on TCP at the time. It started with a strange user that hacked into the forum and deleted all of the moderator powers. Luckily, we had the right admin on at the right time and the forum was saved. However, a few days later he was back. He hacked the forum, the domain and Chrisdog’s user. Here is what a good friend of mine, Loki Terry has to say:

Hello, this is Loki Terry, TCP Administator.

Unforutnately TCP got hacked, if anyone logged into TCP within the last 48 hour’s we recommed you change your passwords. I repeat DO NOT GO TO TCP Website, as Chrisdog has gotten attacked, all passwords have been stolen. Chrisdog got attacked, the board went, then #iamthewurlus took over the domain. James from DP did help us, but Chrisdog’s pass override us and bang we got overrun.

#iamthewurlus also hacked Chrisdog’s site. He gets to people’s sites and forums by hacking their emails. If you have a popular site or work on a popular site change your site’s email. Not your contact email, your sites email! Also make sure to delete everyone form your site so that if they get hacked, you wont.

#iamthewurlus also hacked Loki Terry’s site. He left a message saying:


Unfortunately, Loki Terry was also working on my site at the time, although he was luckily just an author. #iamthewurlus wrote a post on my site saying:


I have blacked out any bad words and links to inappropriate sites. I deleted the post and Loki Terry from my site. I also changed my WordPress email and taken every precaution from getting my site hacked.

Paint by Letters Update!

Tomorrow in the Book Room, there will be a brand new Paint By Letters book. Here’s a peek at “Lime Green Dojo Clean”:


If you’ve never played before, it’s a game where you can fill in words as they appear in the story. Sometimes you get a chance to choose words – and the penguin in the story will even be the same color as your penguin! Club Penguin is currently squashing bugs so the release of this book will be delayed!