Screenhog’s Don’t Miss List!

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar and since the Medieval Party is still here, Screenhog would like you to check out the awesome features in the Medieval Party before it ends on May 16!

  • Rule your kingdom at the thrones in the Night Club Lounge.
  • Hold a tournament at the Rink with jousting and snowball targets.
  • Check out the Beacon at the Lighthouse- there’s a big bonfire.
  • The mirror at the Ski Hill tries to answer your question.
  • The princess castle at the Ski Lodge – the fountain even has Koi fish.
  • If you go to the Gift Shop market, you will see a special Medieval Party catalog.
  • The snow throwing contraptions at the Snow Forts.
  • The Book Room has been turned into an old library, with scrolls everywhere.
  • There’s a wizard hat in the Lighthouse!

Do you like the party so far?

– Justrokstar 😉


Club Penguin Treasure Hunt!

Do you know those puzzles where you have a picture with a whole bunch of stuff in it, and you have to find a specific thing? Well, the Migrator is a great place to play this game!


The artists hid a lot of stuff on Rockhopper’s ship when they built it. Ready to play? Explore the Migrator and try and find all of these things: 

  • A crown 
  • 7 treasure chests
  • 3 puffle toys (one for the black puffle, one for the purple puffle, one for the blue puffle) 
  • The camera that was given to Rockhopper by Aunt Arctic 
  • 9 barrels 
  • A set of golf clubs 
  • 2 flags that can wave in the breeze 
  • 2 green buckets 
  • Yarr’s bed 
  • A feather 
  • A mop 
  • Bambadee’s friendship bracelet (read “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room if you don’t know what this is) 
  • A purple octopus 

Found all of these? Need one more challenge? Okay, try and find the other purple octopus!

Let me know if you have found all of these items!