Why did Stelios quit CP? The real reason!

Hi, Stelios here.

My other site http://www.stelioskas.com is closed, and soon the domain will be lost.

The site is closed because it is nearly a year I have quit Club Penguin and I have suffered so many scandals that want me never going to be famous. For some people I am infamous for things it isn’t my fault.

I came to this site because the other site has become in a really bad situation and I prefer not to be available in public to be avaliable in this big mess.

My funny pics are gone, but I still have some in my computer.

I did a high effort to be famous, everything needed, but some people (I won’t mention who) took me remained at the bottom and they used me to get in front. And sadly, they aren’t only one.

After these huge scandals, I can’t remain in this evil world of chasing the fame of Club Penguin.

Thanks to everyone who wasted my time putting them in my site where they became famous.

Thanks to everyone who did everything to keep me at the bottom.

Thanks to everyone who made me find blogging world boring because of some scandals they created.

And again, thanks.


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