Music Updates!

Hiya penguinos ❗ Great news (for members)! There will be new musics in your igloo! And more good news! There will be a DJ3K Update in the night club (for members)! There will be a special catalog for buying your own music tracks, Where are we? Sound trip? :mrgreen:

Music Update

There’s been some gossips of Yellow Puffles helping out the update of DJ3K, I guess Yellow Puffles will be helping us out move to the grooves! 😀

Keep Waddling Penguins!

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    Chill: I understand you my friend, And i really understand you. Sometimes, It’s really irritating that you are “SERVING” a guy who needs help but didn’t even appreciate or did something in return for you. I understand that you didn’t mean to say Mimo was a bad guy, But he’s boastful to us sometimes huh? I understand what you said Anonymous. Mimo is really a guy who wants to be famous. As many would, Sometimes, Some people want to be famous but i don’t think they deserve it. May i have any contact form to communicate to you? You sound like a really good friend to befriend with. People like you are those nice guys, Who hid their identity for the good of themselves or to others. You deserve that my friend.

  3. Hey,

    WOW your site has improved dramatically in hits and style! I am very glad for your success! I will make this my first Club Penguin Cheats site to stop by when looking for cheats etc.

    Could I be added to your blogroll?

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    -CP Beta Club Penguin Beta

    Have a good day 😉

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