Reviewed by us!

Hey, penguins! Club Penguin posted about the excitement we all had about the adventure party, and that we liked the way the island was decorated! Last week, Club Penguin asked us about our best adventure from Club Penguin, and they choosed from the comments that this was cool:

Ninja Red said:
My favorite adventure on the island would most definitely have to be when I became a ninja. I proved to myself that I could do it, and I did. Getting all my belts, and defeating the Sensei was an incredible journey that i will never forget. I am proud of my position as a secret ninja, now what are you waiting for? Join me, Keep trying and reach for your goals!

They also say Thanks to Ninja Red.


For this week’s question, you should answer : “WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC IN CLUB PENGUIN?”

Answer in a comment please (here), and it should have 30-70 words (75 or 25’d be ok), to be easy for us to read it.

That was all, penguins!

~Stelios Boy rocking again!

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