New Plants, New Catalog And New Musics!

Hello Penguins ❗

Down at the beach, There are tons of flowers that have been placed on the beach! Which means, Mission 11 is getting closer! Plus, When you hover your mouse to the box filled with flowers, Flowers will sprout from the ground! So do the effect with the vines on the lower right portion of the screen 😀


Also, There is a new Snow And Sports Catalog, There’s one secret, and a new background, And of course, New clothes to put up with! 😉

Name: Green Soccer Jersey

Cost: 600 coins

Page: First

Click: Soccer Ball, On the right of “Soccer” word.

Green Soccer Jersey

Name: MountainTop Background

Cost: 600 coins

Page: Ten (10)

Click: The Background

MountainTop Background

There are also new musics to tune up your igloo with! They are:

1. Puffle Ragtime

2. Summer Song

3. Flipper Stomper

4. Coconut

5. Mix Maestro

6. Catchin’ Waves Theme

7. Water Kongo

(Names Got From A Friend Of Mine)

That’s all! :mrgreen:

~Chillex WG Moderator~

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