Club Penguin Treasure Hunt…bug!

Hey, penguins!

Today, while I was playing Treasure Hunt on Club Penguin, I noticed something strange.

See by yourself, this is probably a bug:


That is really strange. It isn’t an edit.

What do you think? Did this appear to you too?

Say your questions and reports by commenting!

~Stelios Boy.


4 Responses

  1. Something also happened to me once. Except it wasn’t on a game. I went to the Box Dimension and there was a penguin in the middle of the room. I clicked somewhere to move around, and then nothing happened? I Clicked on the penguin,NO PLAYER CARD POPPED UP!?!?! I clicked mine, the same thing.I clicked on the News Paper,all of sudden it said News to Diario! And the Map Too! It went Map to Mapa, and then Plan I think? It wen too fast

  2. same thing here

  3. never happend to me…

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