Ninja Update!

Hello Penguins ❗

There are some great updates for the Ninjas to enjoy with! Let’s start of shall we? 🙄

First of all, The Card Jitsu Progress Belt is already here! And it’s helpful! It uses percentage to count up when your near to becoming your next rank belt! You can see it by clicking the 3 cards on the lower right portion of your screen, At the places Dojo Courtyard, Dojo and the Ninja Hideout 🙂

Progress Belt Bar

Here’s what it looks like when you are still a belter-in-training 😉

Wow! Im a Blue Belter o_O

Here’s what it looks like WHEN your a ninja 😉

Im back as a ninja! ;)

Also, Sensei has a new stand on his couch, Cool eh? 😀

Sensei has a goofy hair! xD

Also, Sensei has leaved a note on the Ninja Hideout, For belters-in-training of course 🙂

Sensei Leaves Note

It says that to come to through the door, You must first earn your black belt and be a ninja! 😀

Kinda Offensive Sensei! xD

If you talk to Sensei, The options will be new! It will be “Earn Your Belt”, “Battle Sensei” and “Instructions”, They also hold up three little icons of what they are, They are so amazing! :mrgreen:

Improved Options

~Chillex WG Moderator~


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