New Log-In Screen And TCPT!

Hiya peng’s ❗ When you log in at Club Penguin, On the log-in screen page, There is a very interesting and a new one! It’s an “Adventure Party” screen page! The Adventure Party will begin in June 12 up to June 16 😀

Adventure Party!

Also, Our friend Screenhog talks about TCPT (The Club Penguin Times), Remember that the Newspaper came out every Thursday? It has been a very good plan to be part of Club Penguin, you know, Without any failure since then, TCPT always have been very busy taking those pictures on the newspaper, Coloring, Designing, Making codes, Writing, Gathering riddles. Men! There’s tons of work to do!

Image Making Preview

If your also a fan of TCPT, You might also see that there’s a new puzzle named as “Dot-To-Dot” puzzle right? It’s one of my favorite puzzle now! Also, Those Reviewed By You questions will BE placing up on the CPT (Club Penguin Team) blog! Isn’t it great? Starting June 11, Next week, You will be able to see answers from Reviewed By You Questions 😀

Oh and, Be sure to check the Boiler Room, Just in case you missed an issue, Each issue has an “Catch in an eye” you know 🙄

In other news, The 11th mission will be appearing this June! Why? On Mission 10, Gary said that there has been a seed as an item or proof, And notice that there are many plants in the island brought by Rockhopper? I guess Rockhopper will be the one to trigger the next mission, Or may’be not 🙄

Gary Thinking

Until then…

Waddle On ❗


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  1. Cp is having an adventure party in june and how are you sure the mission is ion june

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