Dojo Igloo Contest!

Hello Penguins ❗

Are you a ninja? If you are, Then that’s good news! Now another question for you, Are you a member? That’s wicked! Cause’ right now, Ninja Decorators are needed! There’s a Dojo Igloo Contest around the island! Starting from June 1 – 13, The Club Penguin Team will be looking for the Coolest! Astonishing! Awesome dojo igloo yet! :mrgreen:

Wanna enter the contest? First you have to be a ninja AND a member, After those things, You just have to upgrade your igloo to a dojo, Then design it NINJA STYLE, Then wait for the announcement of whom will be the winner! Cool eh? Here’s an example of a cool dojo 😉


Do not copy the picture as an example, I know it’s cool but it would be more cooler if it’s made by you right? 🙄

There will be 20 winners, The 1st winner will receive 25,000 coins! If you’re on the 2nd place or below, Don’t worry, You still keep up 15,000 coins! Winners will be announce in the Club Penguin Newspaper appearing in June 18, 2009. So you got ton’s of time to make the perfect dojo! Good luck! 😉

~Chillex WG Moderator~

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  1. thnx do u hav any other FANTABULAS ideas?

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