Rockhopper Moving In And Snow And Sports Update!

Hello Penguins ❗

If you were at the beach to get in the Migrator, You will see some unexpected plants near the lighthouse, On the pathway of the Dock, and a box filled with plants near the bridge to the Migrator Ship, I guess Rockhopper is introducing plants to us? Or may’be he got a secret plan specially made for us penguins? Who will know, Let us just wait for it! 😀

Sweet! Hope there will be a plant's party! xD

Sweet! Hope there will be a plant's party! xD

In other news, There will be a Snow and Sports Update coming this friday, It will have some clothes suitable for all kinds of adventure! :mrgreen:

Snow And Sports Update

~Chillex WG Moderator~

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  2. THERES A NEWS IN CP LIGHT HOUSE! THERES SECRET room behind Drums. Thats the box on frist picture. P.S I know Dojo Lime Clean book secret bonus coin but ITS Secret!

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