Newspaper Issue#188 Is Here!

Woton’s Update: WordPress’s stats are 50,000 hits off, so I actually have 180,000 hits, not 130,000!

Hiya peng’s ❗ A new newspaper is out! It’s the 188th issue! 😀

Our friend Rockhopper will be going to the island bringing up with some plants, It’s tomorrow, That’s the day where we’re gonna know about this puzzling plant mystery 😉



Also, Sensei said that we will be having a.. Belt Progress Bar! It will show how near or how many points we still need to get the next belt, Now this will be useful when im still a green belter 🙄


Here are the upcoming events :mrgreen:

May 29 ~ New Snow And Sports Catalog

May 29

June 5 ~ New Penguin Style Catalog

June 5

May 22 – 31 ~ Rockhopper coming with some plants

May 22 - 31

May 22 – June 4 ~ New Hidden Pin

May 22 - June 4

Until then…

Waddle On ❗

3 Responses

  1. Nice post 😀

    Woton,simmer said mods are allowed to post lol. Keep up the hits! Almost 200k!


  2. I’m Black Belter.
    Already Passed Sensei. NINJA!
    Mind in your Head….:To Win sensei use 10 Cards (Sled Card,Drill Blueprint or Firefighter Hose Card) {and Mostly Fire and Water Card} ({} isCredit from Club Penguin Wiki)
    Me winning Sensei PIC: Have fun getting Belts!

  3. Hey Woton, Why edit my post? xD


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