The Migrator Ship Getting Closer!

Hello Penguins!

When you look at the Beacon, The Migrator Ship is now getting closer! And it looks like that the Migrator had a forest in it, May’be Rockhopper’s throwing a party for us 🙄

Migrator Ship

Here are some things what i think of the Migrator Ship:

1. Rockhopper had a trouble of some vines and grassy stuffs.

2. Rockhopper decorated the Migrator ship, Preparing for a “party”.

3.Rockhopper comes to the island with a large sale of green furnitures.

4. Rockhopper and Yarr experience something horrible inside the Migrator ship, May’be create a potion?

5. The black flag isn’t moving 😆

What do you think?

~Chillex WG Moderator~

6 Responses

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  2. i think Rockhopper if bringing Rockhopper Island with him because he wants to show us.

    Chillex: No way, It’s not an island anymore when it’s in a ship, Plus you thinking CP is so stupid to do that? 🙄

  3. is that rockhopper on the ship

    Chillex: Who do you think that pilots the Migrator Ship? 😯

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