Ninja-Medieval + New music video and Contest Soon!

Hey, penguins! We’ve got brand new news today!

Well, I made a new music video! See it!

Guess! Club penguin, first of all, had a penguin who made a ninja-medieval combination! Look at their post:Your combinations were too cool. The team was in awe of some of your ninja-medieval style mix-ups! Here’s a really cool one: 


What do you think? We’ve even added 5,000 coins to their account for making us smile.

In other news: We’ve got new igloo furniture today! And start thinking ahead because there’s going to be a Dojo igloo decorating contest coming up soon. I wanted to tell you early so if you’re not already a ninja, you have time to get your black belt before the contest starts June 1. You’ll see more info in the newspapers later in the month!! I’m not sure about you… but I’ve got some training to do!


Until then…Waddle on!

Well, this was the photo of the penguin, and you saw that they’re making a Dojo contest soon! 

~Stelios Boy.

4 Responses

  1. Hi I’m iMmopuk, you probably know me from, but I have put a lot of effort and time into this new quiz!

    This will only take 2 mins at the most to complete, so if you could do this I would appreciate it. Enter with your penguin name. [PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE.]


  2. hey cool its me ivan66666 i just noticed u from simmer27’s blog cool website!

  3. hey are you ok it is pen50gi here my website is it has the latest cheats and news on it so have a look please

  4. lol love that song did you make it

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