Medieval Party Cheats!

UPDATE BY STELIOS: Hey, penguins! I found (with the help of my friend, Fotis) some cool cheats around club penguin! See. First of all, I found the club penguin pin. It is located to the Boiler Room! See. You first must go to the boiler room, and then you must click at the caldron and then you will see what happens below the caldron:

cheat pic 5.3 

And there is another free item for non-members! Go to the lighthouse, and then click at the magician hat! Here is one photo to help you:

cheat pic 5.2 

Also, there is a new catalog! Click at the papyrus that is above the clothing catalog in the gift shop and you will find so much new items! Look some of them:

cheat pic 5.1

Hey, penguins! Today there is the Medieval Party out! Look! At first, go at the town and click at the sign saying: “KNIGHTS NEEDED!”

cheat pic 1

Then, it will get you to the cave (pool). Now go and click at the cell. It will take you to the stage 1, where you must light up all the orbs. Look how it’s done:

cheat pic 2

Then, when you light all 5 lights, you can go to the stage 2. Simply hit 50 of the targets. There will be also a free item:

cheat pic 3

Next, go to the third stage. You must pass through the maze, but at the start, there will be again a free item:

cheat pic 4

Then, follow these steps to pass the maze:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

And, when you finish, you will be found at the final room, that there is again a free item (!) :

cheat pic 5

Well, that were all the cheats of the medieval party! If you have any other cheat that can be added here, just say it in a comment!

That was all!


~Stelios Boy.

4 Responses

  1. the wizard hat is avaible at the lighthouse

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  3. Neat site!

  4. hey woton
    its me inferno

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