I got paid!

Hey, penguins! The blog of club penguin said that many of penguins on the 1st of May will be getting paid for being a tour guide or a secret agent. Well, club penguin is proved right! I got paid and I noticed it in my club penguin mailbox and many of you who are members and tour guides or secret agents, you will see your mailbox have also a letter by club penguin saying that you also got paid! Here is the photo that shows that in my mailbox I see that I am paid. I got 500 coins, one of being a secret agent and one of being a tour guide. Look at the secret agent one, you may got one too:


And, look at the tour guide one. I forgot to tell you that 250 coins are for being a tour guide and 250 for being a Secret Agent too. Now, look at the tour guide:


Well, if you got paid too, you simply write it in a comment! I usually go on the server Northern Lights, especially when I need to do the updates of club penguin and other things. I will meet you there, if you go to. If you see me, say STELIOSBOY! with capital letters and be patient, I will remove a buddy to add you. Hardly I will remove you. If you say STELIOSBOY! when I leave the room, you have a choice! Simply say in a comment thedate, the time, the place, the server and the name of your penguin and your mail. If I can meet you, I will send you back an email. If I can’t, keep trying with another times and dates. Remember the day you want to meet me to be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise, I can’t meet you.

Well, guys, that was all! Cya!

~Stelios Boy.

5 Responses

  1. i would like to meet you on sunday. 3:00 PST. my e-mail is:

  2. YA Me too thats

  3. Hey Woton! I know there was a scramble at the poll, I got a question… Why am i still not a moderator? Please reply 🙂


    Woton: I have sent you an email! Please respond to it and I will mod you!

  4. NVM, I wanna be a Woton Moderator, If you got the time Woton, Please do so, I promise to do my best posting! 😀


  5. Awesome post, Stelios. Hey, Stelios. You wanna be an author on my site? I could really use someone as active and good in clubpenguin as you. Please respond at support.cplordalienz@gmail.com

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