New clothing catalog and many news about club penguin!

Hello, penguins! Today on cp there are a lot of news! Let’s start with the updates on club penguin about the medieval party! See them:


I don’t have pictures but the SWFs of all the updates are here:




Now, let’s continue with other news. Have you seen the login screen to club penguin? It’s about ninjas! See it:


Now, let’s go at all you have been waiting for -the catalog!-

This is his SWF:


These are the cheats today:

On the 2nd page, click the window:


To discover the woodsman’s hat:


Now, on the 3rd page, click at the shadow dragon:


To discover the blue dragon costume:


On the 5th page, click at the left coffee cup:


To discover the:


On the 14th page, click at the junction of the lights:


To discover the red viking helmet:


And open and close it four times to discover the blue viking helmet:


On the 16th page, click at the remaining words from the word “COFFEE”:


To discover the spikester wig:


And finally, on the 18th page, click at the pocket of the purple penguin’s hoodie:


To discover the boa:


That was all, penguins!


~Stelios Boy.

8 Responses

  1. Heyy fellow penguin!!!! : ) Its Professorlax and I am just coming here to see how your site has been! WOW your hits are doing amazing and also I love your changes done to the site! I am very surprised …. Your doing very well and I would like you to come to my site to see what I have been up to!

    Click here to comment back!

    Also do you have a instant messenger or anything that we can chat on? If you would like you can come and chat with me on my official chat box that is growing and we need more penguins to join! [ Please come to chat ] 🙂 My aim is [ cpcrazyness ] add me : )

    Click here for my chat!

    Thanks for your time and hope we can talk soon!


  2. Awesome post, dude.

  3. Awesome! I’ll check out the catalog now!
    P.S. Congratz on winning and nice first post!

  4. Nice post!

  5. Hello Woton this is Loki Terry.

    I’m requesting to be put back Editor immdentily, or eles. Why did you remove me?.

    RE-ADD ME!

    ~Loki Terry

  6. Hello Woton this is Loki Terry.

    I’m requesting to be put back Editor immdentily, or eles. Why did you remove me?.

    RE-ADD ME!!!

    ~Loki Terry

  7. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your site.

  8. Hey Stelios Boy. How do you do the SWF thing? Like a free download. Please email me.

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