Woton Moderator Poll, Caption Contest and Egg Hunt Winners!

Hello Penguins!

This is the post you have all been waiting for! This post includes the final Woton Moderators poll along with the Caption Contest and Egg Hunt winners!

Woton Moderators Poll:

As you know, the Woton Moderator polls were getting hacked so I have created an un-hackable poll. This is a new poll, so make sure to vote again!

Unless something happens to the poll, I will be announcing the winners next weekend!

Caption Contest Winners:

There were a ton of great captions submitted to my contest and I had a really hard time choosing just one, so I decided to have two winners! I still would have a lot more if I could though.


The winners of the caption contest are….

Friezypop who’s caption was: “No wonder the Penguin Band is taking a break!”

and Trumpet23 who’s caption was: “How long have I been gone?”

Congrats, winners! I will be emailing you soon! As I said, there were a ton of great captions and it was really hard to decide! I enjoyed reading all of your captions!

Egg Hunt Winners

The four eggs were hidden throughout my site in the following places:

1. On the Club Penguin Cheats widget on the Home Page.


2. On the Blogroll Requirements widget on the Home Page.


3. On the Club Penguin page.


4. On the Nintendo page.


The first five people that commented with the correct hiding places are:

1. Lilly541

2. The Chillex

3. The Flapjack

4. Zoo889

5. Jbond 12

Congrats, winners! I will be emailing you soon! Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest! There were a ton of people that hunted for the eggs and found them all!

Make sure to vote in the Woton Moderators poll! I’ll be announcing the winners soon and be opening new positions on my site! Check back soon!


21 Responses

  1. hey woton i was the first to comment and then my comments on your site go down this is so not fair woton and I thought I won too.

  2. That egg hunt sure was fun. I really hope I win for the Woton moderator. Please vote for me, everyone,

  3. Conglaturations to evreyone who wins the CONTEST!!! Claps!
    I’v found DJ Terry today (Not Loki Terry! Hes althrough More Rare) Dj Terry Mostly goes on Almost Full Server (ex. Frozen,Mammoth,etc.) and room is Plaza,Night Club,Dance Lounge and etc.
    I Found him April 18th,2009
    Do you think Dj Terry have 2 or More Acount Because Dj/Loki Terry
    Yes or NO?

  4. AWESOME! But I dunno if woo can email meh. I may get in trouble, but prob not.

  5. Woah woah woah, ZOO WON? ROFLOL!

  6. Hey! I’m Qwaddle! I was wondering if you could help me advertise my site. I’m trying to make it better. Please respond if you can help. If not, that’s ok too. My site is http://www.qwaddle.wordpress.com


  7. Woton, in RFW, some people are thinking of replacing you and Ganger. Get more active!


  8. You have been officially Invited to SnowBossi’s 400.000 Hits Party

    Place : Sleet Dock/Beach [If dock is FULL we will go to the Beach .]

    Time : 10 Am PST

    I hope you can come
    Signed ~Snowbossi

  9. Everyone! Pease vote for vicko!

  10. Can We Extange Each Other In Our Blogroll Links?
    I Do Like You Site Very Much

  11. Yes U Will Be On Mine

  12. I haven’t checked meh email yet, but you could also just meet me at a CP army event for ACP, Centurion Empire, etc.

  13. Did u now theres a new puffle catolog!

  14. Hey!
    Nice post. I have met your blogroll requirements, so please add me to your blogroll. Add me as Baller’s Cp Cheats.
    Keep Ballin!

  15. YAY!!!! Thx Woton!! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!! GO GREEN AND PLANT A TREE (I’m planting one today because we got one from school)!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE THE EARTH LOL!!!!!!!!!!! (9) (pretend thats Earth)
    THE Lilly541

  16. Vote for Lil Suad 🙂

  17. Hey wonton my sites closed nice to see you care so much. Note i am being sarcastic

  18. Woton when will the voting be closed ?

  19. I voted for Lil Suad, Go Lil Suad!

  20. oops… i missed a website. i make a comment on every website you have! my favorite, the funny pics one. lol those r funny. by the way, everyone who leaves a comment must visit my blog. soon im gonna have a commenting contest! its http://joeantrocks.blogspot.com

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