Woton Moderators Poll!

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you applied to because a Woton Moderator on my site and I had a really hard time reading over your resumes, deciding who should be in the final poll. However, I decided to change everything a bit. First of all, since most of you applied to become Club Penguin Moderators and because I decided to hire a hand picked Cazmo, the poll will only include Club Penguin moderators. Also, since there were so many great applications, I decided to put 10 penguins on the poll, instead of 3.

If you didn’t get put on the poll, it’s not because I dislike you or don’t think you’d make a great mod, but simply because I only have enough room for so many people. Also, I will be hiring additional moderators for the site soon after this poll is over!

Here are the final applicants to be a Woton Moderator. Please vote for who you think would make the best one!

The top 2 penguins with the highest amount of votes will become the next Woton Moderators! If they ever decide to not continue being a moderator, I will have a new poll for the next Woton Moderator!

Once again, I will be hiring even more positions on my site soon! If you didn’t get choosen to be a Woton Moderator, this is only the first round of applications! There will be a ton of other positions on my site such as:

  • Woton Moderators – posts Club Penguin cheats.
  • Site Moderators – approves and edits on comments.
  • Cheats Agent – finds cheats from Club Penguin to post.
  • Game Officials – writes guides to online games from Miniclip and AddictingGames.
  • And more!

As you can see, there are going to be a lot of positions open soon to work on my site! Woton Gaming will become a team site! I will be ending the poll for Woton Moderators soon! Make sure to vote and come back soon for new job openings!



19 Responses

  1. Cool. I would love to be a cheats agent. I find cool glitches everyday. I would love to work on the site.

  2. 😦 im not on there im sad oh well good luck to you all

  3. It would be awesome if I was a moderator on your site. Please vote for me, everyone. I will put 110% into my work here if I am an admin here. My site is at http://cpbrotherscheats.wordpress.com so check it out.

  4. I didn’t make it, but cool! I’m voting for Ceptor99!

  5. I hope Vicko09 gets the job!

  6. wonton i took the mcp page off my site and im not saying anything about it anymore cuz you wont become a member or even comment to help me or anything!!! ps. i dont ever go on YOUR site anymore either!!!

  7. Thanks Woton for letting me in the Poll, I promise to be very good at this blog, I am now working on… 8 blogs about CP! Then this will be my 9th one! Thanks for those who vote for me! :mrgreen:

    Until then…

    Waddle On ❗

  8. […] Moderator Poll! And i would be glad for you buddies to help me become one Moderator of Woton! Click here to go there and please vote for “Chillex” in the poll, I would be glad to post MORE […]

  9. hey woton something happens with the poll. i think you have to edit it and put the correct names.

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    But remember, you have to keep following me or the Coin Code will not be given away! I have lots of cool updates as well, over 1,000!! So go to http://twitter.com/iMmopukCP and start following today!

    If you do not yet have a Twitter account for some reason, just go to http://twitter.com and join via. there! Have a nice day and remember to follow, do not put it off if you want to win!!


  11. wat is a mods password i need to know it will be so kool

  12. i would love to be a site moderator!!!!!!!

  13. thanks ceptor. I VOTED FOR YOU

  14. I dont know the penguins!WEEGEE hacked the poll!

  15. uhh i think Weegee hacked the polls oviously


  17. Omg your poll is hacked!

  18. WEEGEE didnt hack the poll some1 hacked it and saying that its WEEGEE but its not 😦

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