April Fools Day Party!

Hello Penguins!

I hope you are having a good time at the April Fools Day Party!

Before I post all of the lastest cheats to the party, please make sure to check out my friends awesome YouTube channel:


Feel free to subscribe to his channel, view all of his videos and comment on his channel! Thanks!

Make sure to head over to the Mine to get the Blue Propeller Hat!


Go to the Snow Forts to enter an all new room – the Box Store!


There are all sorts of awesome boxes you can buy for your igloo there!


By buying the Portal Box, you can get into the Portal Room! Here’s how:

1. Buy the Portal Box.

2. Place it somewhere in your igloo.

3. Step into the Portal Box.

4. You are now in the Portal Room!

For those of you that can’t get into it, here’s what the Portal Room look’s like:


What do you think of the April Fools Day Party? Let me know!


12 Responses

  1. can i have a free member penguin (with email id and password) (no problem if without email)

  2. To get into the portal room as a non-member, all you have to do is find an igloo of a member on the map, go in it, and go into the portal room!
    If you include this in your post, please credit me.

  3. woton can i be an author on your site

  4. Woton check this out….

    Non-members can get into the Members only room!!!! heres how…

    1) a member buys the portal box and puts it into his igloo
    2) the member penguin unlocks his igloo
    3) a non-member goes to his igloo and goes into the portal box
    4) the non-member is in the members only room!!!

  5. Is your life is event-ful and boring? You have miss a LOLCAT

  6. this is the best party i have ever seen on club penguin!! it’s soo cool!! my favorite room is the portal room and the dock!

  7. Are u getting bored of CP?If so,Join the CPRA.We have a toolbar and youtube channel.

    Join us at


  8. Congrats on getting picked to be one of the ten possible mods on Simmer’s website Woton!


  9. Hey Chinsetakout here!!

    There is a coin code giveaway at my site! Just be the first to use the code and you get to unlock the items! Be at my site at 2:00pm PST and 3:00pm PST tp try to win! 😀


  10. Hey!
    What’s the Penguin ID of Cadence??
    See ya!

  11. Warning! Error! Error! Code red this is not a drill! Attention Club Penguin Cheat site owners: There is a group of hackers called Iamthewalrus. Lately they’ve hacked the Club Penguin Planet Forums. Later they attempted hacking Club Penguin Cheat sites on WordPress. Luckily folks, attempt failed. 

    Currently they are hacking PengSpace. The other day, the hackers spammed the owner of PengSpace’s page like crazy with over 200 comments, a moderator almost got tricked into downloading a virus, and one of the hackers spammed swear words on PengSpace citizen’s pictures.

    PengSpace has closed temporally due to the severity of this hacker. If you want to see your PengSpace friends always remember to check out http://pandaspace.ning.com/ ! If you ever get spam, please do not reply to the person if it leads to any website at anytime or any given time. Please continue to spread the word of warning out there! Thank you for your attention! 😀

    ~ |Globalsavior|

    P.S. WordPress has been already notified about this hacker. So don’t worry eventually the hackers will get caught and arrested.

  12. Can SPA Air Firce be on your blogroll? Our URL is
    We already put you on ours.

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