Site Improvements!

This site will be undergoing a few major changes within the next few weeks! Look for these updates to the site in the future:

  • This site will become a team site, with more authors and editors!
  • This site will be transformed into a more fun and family friendly!
  • There will be many more contests!
  • The site’s design will be improved!
  • Much more!

Keep your eyes open for these updates on this site!

In other news: Check out the new pin at the Iceberg!

13 Responses

  1. These updates will be improving the site greatly!


  2. awesome post woon and i past you out in hits 😮

  3. im gonna need you to become a member on my site cuz im done with the mcp page and im gonna need some help with the rankings. thx !!! 😀

  4. Nice! I can’t wait for this.

  5. hey woton i was wonder if i could be a author on ur site e mail me ur answer at

  6. well cool wonton! please can u now post on my site?

  7. Awesome woton!
    I would love to become an author xD
    -Blue Buru aka Sir Shadow-

  8. The NACP is having a party today to celebrate 500 hits. And you are invited Woton for joining the NACP.

  9. Hi Woton.
    I know I made a usense of myself the last time I was on your blog. I think I’m improved all around since then and my posts have been out before basicaly anyone who’s ever been on this blog (including Chewy pup).
    Anyway I’m really good at working in teams and will never ask for a promotion again.
    Will you give me another chance on this blog?

    Also my new site is the same url and it’s installed wordpress on it but isn’t finished yet byy any means the only downside is it can’t have a personal header. It has ads though.
    I feel as if I have to prove myself to this blog.

  10. :S I had the second comment.

  11. Hey Woton.
    Can I be an author on your site? I would love to work with you on your site. Check out my site at if you wanna see my experience.
    -Lord Vandock

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