Puffle Video!

The Club Penguin team is so excited to tell you that today’s the first day ever that Club Penguin get to show you a video. Club Penguin has been working really hard to make this puffle video.

Here’s the Puffle Video by Club Penguin:

What do you think about the video

Tell Us

~Loki Terry

10 Responses

  1. I love te Puffle Movie/Parties.

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  3. if you pause it at 1:19 you can ser a whit puffle in the middle ofthe herd! its awesome!! If you want proof go to ballincpcheats.wordpress.com

  4. hey wonton, im working on the mcp page but if they want to join i need your help with the ranking. 🙂 thx!!!

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  6. At 1:20 is a white puffle running 😉

  7. pause at 1:19 and look in the croud of puffles there is a white puffle OMG!!!!

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  9. When is Woton gonnabe back?

  10. Theres like 3 white puffles. If you find Rockhopper, you can search for white puffles with him.(I did that today)

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