MCP – Military of Club Penguin!

The surprise has been released! Woton, Bellerophont and the ACP (Army of Club Penguin have joined together to create a Club Penguin army, the MCP!



The MCP stands from Military of Club Penguin. The MCP is led by Bellerophont, and the help of his friends Woton, Reeves246, Alighf and Andreasmich. We believe it to be our duty to protect Club Penguin from those who wish to harm it. We need your help to make Club Penguin the best it can be.

If you would like to join, click HERE.


Penguins that join the MCP get to do all of these things:

  • Fight in snowball wars on Club Penguin.
  • Get a rank in the MCP and become promoted to a higher rank (at a certain rank you get to become a moderator on the MCP Chat).
  • Get elected to become a governor of a Club Penguin server (this means you control an entire server).
  • Chat with other MCP soldiers, including penguins like Woton and Bellerophont.
  • Defend Club Penguin!

If you would like to join, click HERE!

17 Responses

  1. Make sure to join the MCP!


  2. I joined!

  3. I joined and i will leave ACP to stay loyal to MCP

  4. Cool! I’ma gonna join right now!

  5. i would like to join but, im not sure if i want to join the nachos or the acp or the mcp

  6. hey woton i dont meen to be a noob here but is it possible if i can become a sort of leader in the mcp, I HAVENT BEEN ANYONE IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE

  7. I joined! 😀

  8. It’s all right if you are also a part of another army!


  9. Awesome!
    Go to the MCP blog, I made some comments.

    I can’t wait to join!
    This is the first army I have joined!

    ~Agent Wilberd

  10. I sighed up for it on the website but I don’t think i’ll join if I get elected.

  11. @ AkaBob:

    Glad to hear it!



  12. Well, for one thing your defiantly BETTER than the past four MCP’s RPF has known. Here I would like to discuss an Alliance on chat, just come on some time.

    – Commando717

    Fight The Good Fight

    PS: View our site A LOT by the way, at this rate were gonna pass ACP in hits within 2 WEEKS! We would appreciate it if you would.

  13. I joined MCP.

  14. wonton please please please become a member on my sight i know mines not as good as yours but it whould mean alot to me if u joined. thank you!!! 🙂


    So…Why not add your website to my Ultimate Links, no hassle and stress of always having to advertise. Just constant sucess and lots of views by adding here. Just add me to your blogroll!

    Then you cam go and hang out with your friends on Club Penguin™ or go to the park with friends or play football, basketball or just spend time with your family. This way it saves you time.

    For more information go to or

  16. Woton, I have an army called MCP too.

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