Have you ever heard of the ACP? The ACP stands for the army of Club Penguin. Penguins join the army, participate in snowball fights on Club Penguin, vote in elections and get promoted through the ACP! The higher you become promoted the more famous you get on Club Penguin!

The ACP is also one of the largest Club Penguin websites ever, with over 1,000,000 hits! You can check it out by clicking here. I am currently a high ranking penguin in the ACP, with the rank of Lt. Colonel and am friends with the leader and co-leader of the ACP!

You may also have heard of Bellerophont. He is a good friend of mine with an extremely popular site, with almost 400,000 hits! He posts Club Penguin cheats on his site, just like me!

I have joined together with the ACP, Bellerophont and a few other penguins to create the ultimate surprise! Check back on my site tomorrow (Monday, February 8 ) to check it out! You will get the opportunity to become a famous!


Check back on my site tomorrow (Monday, February 8 ) to check it out!

16 Responses

  1. I want to join do i get any coins for joining or anything=] heres my EMAIL:

  2. It will be awesome and will give you an opportunity to become famous!


  3. hey, wonton. can you please cheak out my site and comment to tell me what you think. its, it whould mean so much to me if you became a member. thank you!!! 🙂

  4. Aaaaah. The ACP. I actually like the Ice warriors better, but, whatever you guys are talking about sounds cool!

  5. Do you want to be a leader of Clubpenguin? Then sign up today for the Brown Banditos at! You can visit our home page at Become a leader of Clubpenguin today!

  6. i can’t wait!

  7. LOL war isnt too fun anymore. also club penguin trio plz? fits your reuquirements and had you on ur blog roll?

  8. listen, ok you sure like my site i was checkin out other sites and you said that to every one!!!??
    wow, and you removed me as a buddy on cp sbdc20 he had it aussie and a lot lot more?
    the answer to this one is that you like hate me!

  9. cool. i cant wait

    Nachos or UMA, Who will i join

  10. Awesome, Sounds Cool!


  11. I might like to join. KCP stands for Club Penguin Killers P.S Do not join KCP,except people who ALREDDY KILLED 1 PENGUIN can join KCP.

  12. I forget one more! P.S.S go to to see my frist pic.and comment. (No bad Commennt. Bad commen will be)

  13. Whats the surprise?PS:Monday is feb 9 😉

  14. i wiant the membership!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. i have a member ship

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