Snow and Sports Catalog Sneak Peek!

A brand new Snow and Sports catalog comes out on Friday and I wanted to give you a sneak peek!


Make sure to check out my site for the latest cheats when it is released!


19 Responses

  1. What do you think the sneak peek could be of? The first picture looks like a climbing wall to me!


  2. The first picture is definitely a rock climbing wall. Do you think the second picture is an exercise bike?

  3. Hello everyone welcome me back to my new site heres the link come cheak it out comment or something thank you very much your clubpenguin buddy cars38

  4. Yeah and the 2nd one looks like a Cart of some sort.
    Awesome site! 🙂
    Your buddy,

  5. Hey woton! there realesing a new Paint by letters!

  6. im pretty sure it has something to do with the sport cataloge

    ~ Vicko09

  7. Cool I can not wait

  8. i have you on my blog roll add me to one of your blog rolls thanks :d

  9. Hey Woton, I’m with you on Club Penguin! Please check out my site!

  10. Awesome post woton!
    Any chance of getting a job here i used to work here on another user but i got removed anyway’s,i was wondering can i work here? comment back~!

  11. Want one million hits? Then go to and sign up at the bottom! Once you log in, go to Marketing Tools tab and copy one of the codes. Then paste it to your sidebar! 1,000,000 HITS!

  12. Woton,
    Check out the Ski Lodge Attic!
    It now says, “Snow being stored for MARCH fun!”

  13. Nice site & post you should check out mine sometime (by clicking my name)

  14. hey! I own this CP play club and i really need some more people to join. Just go on my site and comment if you’d like to join!

  15. I’m having a party on January 31. You wanna come?? If so, write your name on the guest list on Party! You may know Metalmanager but he’s coming. All of the information is on that website!

    ~~Snowman 1001

  16. Sorry, the website is

    ~~Snowman 1001

  17. nice post!!!

    ~Tbone 432~

  18. Hey Woton

    GREAT post as always.

    I am going to have a party on Club Penguin because my website (
    got 30,000 hits.

    Here is the information:

    Date : 31 January 2009
    Server : Fjord
    Place : We will meet at the Ice Berg
    Time : 7.30 AM PST

    Here is the schedule:

    7.30 AM PST : Meet at the dock and wait for 10 minutes

    7.40 AM PST : Go to the Ski Lodge to play Find Four

    7.45 AM PST : Go to Ice Berg and try to tip it!!!!

    7.50 AM PST : Go to my igloo and hang out.

    8.00 AM PST : Go to the Night Club and dance!

    8.15 AM PST : GO to Dock to try and get more people.

    8.20 AM PST : Go to Book Room and play Mancala.

    8.30 AM PST : Go to The Coffee Shop and have some coffee!!!

    8.40 AM PST : Go to the Light House where we will find a band ( including me playing)

    8.50 AM PST : Go to my igloo again to say goodbye.

    9.00 AM PST: I will have a surprise and the party will end.

    Hope everybody can come!!


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