100,000 Hits Party Results and Contest Winners!

Update: Check out the Penguin of the Day page, where you can get your penguin’s player card featured on this site!

Wow! That was an amazing party! Thanks to those of you that same!

The winner of the Six Month Membership contest is Fuzzy22! Congrats! I will email you the Membership shortly.

The winners of the Coin Code Contest are Fjfjfj and Cya45. I will email you your codes shortly!

There were a ton of super nice penguins at the party and it was hard to choose just fifteen of them as featured penguins. If I could, I would feature everyone that came to the party, however, here are some penguins I thought really deserved to be featured penguins:

Ojoc has been a friend of mine for a while and I was glad he attended my party!


I recently met Yoda Ads, however that has been long enough to realize that he is a really great guy. I was overjoyed to have him come to my party!


1847e has been a friend of mine for a long time and he was at the party the entire time!


Metalmanager was really nice throughout the party and I enjoyed him a lot!


Loki Terry is a good friend of mine and I was glad to see him at my party!


Oreo 8000 is super nice and I was glad to see that he attended yet another one of my parties!


Lil Suad is really cool and it was nice to have him at my party.


Penguin Mara was really fun at the party and even wrote a blog post about my party after it was over!


Here are some more penguins that I also think deserve to be a featured penguin, however I just don’t have enough room for: Sandybo276, Kevince25, Mileysis22, Coolred77, Lavaboy22, Arcticsledder, Sk8itbot, Hockeysocks, Tntclay and Likerofknowledge1. Once again, if I had enough room for the 80 other penguins that came to my party, I would post them, but unfortunately, I don’t.

For those of you that didn’t become a Featured Penguin, you can still become one at the Penguin of the Day page, where you can get your penguin’s player card featured on this site!

Here are some pictures of the party:





Thanks so much to everyone that came! I can’t wait to have another party at 150,000 hits!


27 Responses

  1. Thanks so much to everyone that came! I can’t wait to have another party at 150,000 hits!

    What did you think of the party?


  2. it was fun but i wasnt there the whole time 😦

  3. I’m sad. I really wanted to be picked. I was Fun Flipperz.

  4. My Daddy played CP but he go to Fjord, Dock, Correct time but did’nt see. For the 150,000 Party Time should be (America 7:00am)(Japan 10:00pm) or less.

  5. I <3-ed it! But, I had to leave early. 😦 Btw, you got 50,000 hits pretty fast!
    ❤ Lilly541

  6. it was amazing!, haha im danica1993 sledding with u, and the one who is like stop telling him to add u!!! good times.. good times..

  7. woton, i tried entering the contest but at exactly 10 o clock sharp it was full, even before 10

  8. i meant to say your mail box was full

  9. I was sad because first Fjord was full but when you was at the iceberg i conneted to the server!It was very cool and i want more cool parties like this!Thanks for featuring me and hope you will have 3 million hits party too ;).

  10. My penguin name at the party was I Am Haribo xx

  11. O I missed it.I Wish I could of come.

  12. Awesome party dude : D

  13. WOW! You have 38 postcards! I was trying to send you one but your mail was full. 😦
    Awesome party. My friend came over my house so I had to leave. I was only there for a short time.
    Congratulations fuzzy22!

  14. Hi.The party was great.It was the best party you ever held.I am in the first photo.And u did a mistake in this line:

    Wow! That was an amazing party! Thanks to those of you that same!

    I think it should be came

  15. And one more thing.
    Can i make a post about ur party on my blog.I will give u credit for the pictures


  16. that looks like it was an awesome party!!! i so wish i oculd have been there!!! but i was at another party lol. anyway congrats on 100,000 hits!!

  17. I wish I could have been there! Everyone visit my site and comment!


  18. The party was amazing Woton!!!And thanks for being by buddy!!You rock!
    ps.plssssssss visit my site!!or tell ppl about it!!!I DONT HAVE ANY HITS!!

  19. @ Likerofknowledge1:

    Sure! I’d love to have you write a post about my party!



  20. Aw, man! I thought I would have been featured! Oh well, im still youre buddy! 🙂

  21. Hey everybody

    I’m having a 30,000 Hits party

    And I’m gonna give away 6 Coin Codes to unlock items for your penguin.

    I hope everybody can come

    For more info go to http://www.clubpenguincheatsforyou2.wordpress.com

    You might win a code


  22. uhh..i though it was Mileysis21 not 22?

  23. Heres a link to my post about your party.

  24. Aaaah I’m so sad! 😦 I could’nt come to the party 😦 I was busy and outside from home 😥 I’m so sad

  25. Cool Party!!!

  26. i cant wait till the next party

  27. Wow !

    That was a cool party !

    Hi ,


    You will really benifit + have fun !

    To participate ;


    Have fun


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