Winter Fiesta 2009 Cheats and Club Penguin Concept Drawing!

The Winter Fiesta Party has made it’s way to Club Penguin! Check it out!

You can get the Mini Sombreros at the Cove.


My favorite room is the Forest! What’s yours?


The Night Club is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin, dating back to the very beginning. Since the start of Club Penguin, making penguins dance has been a popular activity. Lots of you asked for it, so it seemed only natural that Club Penguin introduce a dance game that included a multiplayer mode. I wanted to show you a sketch from way back when Club Penguin was first designing the Dance Contest game.


Don’t forget about my 100,000 Hits Party tomorrow, where you can win a free Six Month Club Penguin Membership, one of two Club Penguin Coin Codes and much more!

42 Responses

  1. What’s your favorite room?


  2. ill love the nightclub its soo cool dont you think

    PS please join our contest at

  3. my favorite room is actually also the forest. it’s just because it’s the most decorated and everything

  4. 1

  5. sorry that was supposed to be “1 Award” now 2 Award.

  6. 3 award

  7. 4award

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  29. 26award

  30. 25award

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  32. 28award

  33. 29award

  34. 30award

  35. 31award

  36. 32award

  37. 33award

  38. 34award

  39. 35award

  40. 36award

  41. 37award

  42. 38award im not done yet but im just going to have a small break and ill brb

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