Fiesta Party Sneak Peek and President Barack Obama!

The Member Party is over, however, the Dance Game is still available to both Members and Non-Members! Make sure to check it out in the Night Club!

Also, a sneak peek has been released of the upcoming Fiesta Party, which will be released this Friday. Check it out!


As you know, I rarely post about any other issues that do not relate to Club Penguin, however I felt that this was a very important occasion. We have a new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama!


I hope that Mr. Obama has a successful term as President and leads America well!

8 Responses

  1. What do you think about President Obama?


  2. I really dislike Obama. Not just because my parents don’t. He just promised to do what he really cannot do. Lots of us have been Obamatized.

  3. Cool picture though.

  4. My dad voted for him, BTW did you notice he messed up the oath of office. he had to do it again later on

  5. Answer: IDC I live in a different country.

    Comment: I think the steps will lead up to the roof making another (Party Room/Member Room) I hope its member because stupid non-members will do crazy stuff.

  6. im not on your ultimate or regular blog roll add us as sbdc19/cool dude221 i have you on my blog roll

  7. GO BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!


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