100,000 Hits Party Invitation, Free Six Month Club Penguin Membership Contest and Coin Code Contest!

Update: The party is over! Thanks to everyone that came; it was a blast! The contest winners and party results will be announced soon!

Woton is having a 100,000 hits party this weekend and you are invited! At the party you can win a Six Month Club Penguin Membership, one of two Club Penguin Toy Code, get your penguin’s name and player card featured in a post on this site, become buddies with Woton, meet famous penguins and much more!


Read on!


Thanks to everyone that has viewed this site and supported me we finally have 100,000 hits! It’s time to party! Here is the invitation:


Here is the written invitation:

When: Saturday, January 24

Time: 10:00 am PST (Penguin Standard Time)

Server: Fjord

Room: Dock

For those of you who live in a different time zone here are all of the times of the party for you:

Eastern time: 1:00 PM
Central Time: 12:00 PM
Mountain Time: 11:00 AM
Pacific Time: 10:00 AM
Alaska Time: 9:00 PM
Hawaii Time: 8:00 PM

You will have a chance to win any of these prizes at the party:

-Win a Six Month Club Penguin Membership (read about below)!

-Win one of two Club Penguin Toy Code (read about below)!

-Get your penguin’s name and player card featured in a post on this site!

-Be one of the 15 lucky penguins to get added to Woton’s buddy list!

-Be in any of the pictures that Woton takes or the video that Woton films of the party!

-Become buddies with any of the other famous penguins that attend the party!

To win the Six Month Club Penguin Membership you must be the first person to send me a postcard when I arrive at the party! Please note that any post cards sent before 10:00 will not count!


Anyone else who sends me a postcard during that party will get a chance to win one of two Club Penguin Toy Coin Codes! Everyone who sends me a postcard (besides the person who won the Six Month Membership) will get their names put into a raffle. I will randomly pick two of their names out of a hat and those lucky people I pick will each get a Club Penguin Toy Coin Code!

Each coin code can unlock items for you penguin from the Treasure Book!


Check out the video invitation for the party!

Make sure to view the video in high quality, which you can do by going here and clicking on the:


It looks a lot better that way!

The party will be a blast! I hope you can make it! See you there!


136 Responses

  1. See you at the party!


  2. I will be coming!

  3. I’ll be there (Smirk)

  4. can i be author?


  5. woton im sorry i havent been posting but can you please add me back to your site.

    ~ Vicko
    PS do you know where ceptor and bluep could be

  6. @ Vicko09 and Paintboy277:

    I will soon have a system set up where you can become a site moderator. Just hang on for a second, and check back soon!

    In the mean time, one thing that will help you become a site mod when they are released is commenting every day!


  7. but i was allready a author here, well i guess ill try the system thing

  8. cool congrats on your 100,000 hits i have added you as a contribture on my site plz post a lot starting with the member dance party

    you rock see you around

  9. you have been added+ i added you in my blogroll!

  10. hey!! im sorry, but i cant make it to your party :(!! i have a basketball game! but im sure my awesome cousin, tixply, will probably be there! i wish i could come!

  11. Alright Your on my blogroll. You are third on my blogroll. and i made a post about your site. I really like your site!

  12. Sure I’ll add you to my blogroll and I was wondering if you want to do a famous penguin interview?

  13. Hi its chinsetakout!!

    I found this awesome website that can get you up to ONE MILLION viewers!
    Just go to: http://www.fwebtraffic.com/?rid=1231849 and scroll to the bottom to sign up!


  14. Congrats on 100,000 and thanks for commenting on my site!


  15. Also for Alaska and Hawaii times, they should be AM not PM.


  16. hi1 thanks for commenting on my site! it means a lot! i will add you to my blgo roll around febuary, cause that when im gonna edit my blog roll! ok? and if u would like u can go to my advertise your site and put a link to your site in a comment!


  17. awsome im coming and i hope i win a prize and will u visit my site here http://jt010.wordpress.com/ plz i dont haave very many hits and also i hope i become on your buddies list


  19. I live in Japan what zone am I?
    I’m going to take picture of you and me!PARTY AT DOCK???? VISTIT DOCK PENGUINS look forums and/or SIGH UP SO I CAN VISTIT DOJO PENGUINS!

  20. P.S Make sure you are ready to PAAARRRTTTTYY!
    P.S.S Make sure you Quote mine Question(It is Top of this post)

  21. hey but i think the first than send u a postcard in the dock or where because its gonna be full so if someone sends u a postcard outside will you count it?

  22. Cant wait!

  23. OMG I’m super duper sorry! I will be out of town! 😦

  24. im gunna win the membership! u will see


  26. Commenting Contest/Trivia Contest at my website!


    P.S.Click my name to get to my site

  27. Congrats on the 100,000 hits buddy, I remember being an admin on this site helping out with the news and everything. That was the good old days. When you reach 1,000,000 youll be as famous as vital viper. -solraida
    -waddle on

  28. Hey buddy, Akon Homie here, will you help me get 100,000 hits I am in need of them, yesterday i got 12,305 hits and made a party 😀 hope you come to my 500,000 hits party, there will not be a 100,000 hits party for me sadly.

    Thanks, have a great day woton!

  29. Im coming bro, but is the code series 1 or 2, I really need series 2.


  30. I will be there waiting for you 30 minutes before the party I’ll try to make it 😀 PS reply back on http://www.akonhomie.com if you want to answer my 3 questions above

  31. And oh, buddy, trying to help you, on your site in the blogroll requirements its 40,000 but on the “LINK TO US” widget with your banner says 30,000

    If you want to fix it, just saying it to help you make your site amazing and get 1,000,000 views soon 😀

  32. Lol for me its 10 PM but I will still come

  33. Hi, I was just wondering if you use a Mac or PC.

    Woton: Mac.

  34. And is the program you use for text Comic Life?

    Woton: Yes.

  35. Congrats man! I just reached 4,000 hits, (but thanks to you telling me about that website that might change) Do you wanna come to my turning 2 on CP party the day after your party? The invite is here http://supercpsite.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/2-years-of-fun1.png

    Please comment on my site if you can come!



  36. It will be awesome!!!1

  37. I hope I get a prize. I will try to come!

  38. But what if some one at the party is your buddy? They can send the postcard early.

  39. I am coming to your Party! Will you come to mine?? It is today. Here is the info:
    When: 11:00 pst (come to my chat http://www.xat.com/YmapinkyPlace at 10:30 if you can)
    Where: Sleet Dock
    Why: to celebrate DANCE FLOORS!!!!!! WOOT!!! (and 2,000 hits)
    Wear: Your favorite outfit! Best dressed gets a prize!
    It would me a TON to me if you came!!! I love your site and everything about it!!! I practically worship you!!! Pleaseee come to my party, *looks up with puppy dog eyes to woton*, PLEASEEEE!!!!!! I REALLY hope you come!!!!

  40. 11:00 before noon that is!!!

  41. @ Tomicheal:

    Any post cards sent before 10:00 will not count! I will be at the Dock at 10:00 so everyone will have a fair chance.


  42. Can you add me to your blogroll? I have 50,000 hits and if you add me to your blogroll, I’ll add you to mine!

    Comment back.


  43. Hey, I like the site, So… If you want to be added to my blog to work on just comment back! I just say that so people are not just going around with the same message just to get views 😦


  44. Hey could you check my site out please?I have the exclusive member party updates and soon i will be opening my header shop.Go to http://clubpenguinzonecp.wordpress.com/ thanks.

  45. awesome! but dude trafficwave anda fwebvisitors r fake and r hacking hits

    Woton: Shhhhh! :mrgreen: Lol, I know. I keep meaning to delete it.

  46. How do we win the coin code

  47. Hi i will come to your party!I am penguin mara and im sure i will win something this is cool!

  48. I’ll be there! 🙂


  50. @ Pizza2138:



  51. I’m Dock Penguin so I’m going to have Party at Same Time,Day and Prizes: Who send me Post card BEFORE 10:00~10:30 will get to visit your site and tell coin codes at your site (Expect for Woton only 1~10 people per Prize

  52. Continue from top. 2nd Prize:People who send me post card while or/and Before Party will get to have many visitors to your site.
    3rd Prize:Win at Woton/Musashi205’s Game:Win a “Fasten-Enough-Super Award Badge/Thropy” (For west CP Island Games wins the Thropy and for east wins the Badge

  53. Continue from top. 4th Prize:Win Card Jistu,Hang Out Party with me long time and Happy People wins :p Emotion and Chat in http://chat.conduit.com/?ct=CT1591050 Put in 30 years old if you are not.

  54. fwebvisitors doesnt hack hits, you get hits from people having to click a link to your site to get a code to sign up for it. Its just a great system!


  55. Hey Woton! I saw your comment on penguinchasers.com, and was wondering if you wanted to work on my site. Here is a link:
    http://sabres678.wordpress.com/ I am getting more and more hits by day(around 100 a day) and just hit 6000 hits! It would be a great help if you worked on my site!

  56. hey can i please be on your blogroll i,ll make you in my blogroll forever+talk about you in my site on a post+make a page of you for 3 days
    if im n your blogroll for 6 weeks i will do all that

  57. I will be coming!

  58. AWESOME! I’ll be there!

  59. Hey Woton,
    What will the time be in the UK?

  60. if I win no won lye about being me
    in fact if you lie abuot being me I will e-mail club penguin and tell them to ban you.

  61. Hey! I have 65,000 Hits, I will be glad to add you to my blogroll. All I ask is that is you add me to yours. Please reply to http://cponeurt.wordpress.com/


  62. uhh i just wanna win a toy code

  63. Dude I am so there.

  64. Sorry I haven’t been on lately, I don’t know how you got removed from my site, must of been my other admins. Anyway, I added you back.

  65. Oh yeah, do you have any CSS tricks up your sleeve, I’m out of ideas. You can do anything to my site with the CSS without permission from me.

  66. Woton! Stop Using Fwebtraffic! It’s Not Good! Paintboy And His Staff Is Reporting Every Site That Is Using Fwebtraffic! Please Don’t Use It! You Have A Gret Site Already.

  67. i am sorry, but you have to add me to your main blogroll to be on mine sorry,

  68. Cool im so gonna be there!! i remember ur 50,000 hits party like it was yesterday!not really but still, im sure the party is gonna rock!!

  69. Congrats man! my site just got 4,300 hits :\ Wanna come to my turning 2 on CP party on the day after your party? More details at my website.

  70. Everyone is saying that fwebtraiffic is fake hits.

  71. I like ur website…you commented on me and Wexfief’s website and I think ur website is pretty kewl 🙂
    I’ll tell Wexfief about ur party…
    I hope I can come…
    comment about it on our website (mite want to do it on the first post or something)
    oh and I like ur video…lol
    ur pretty good at this animation stuff…you should totally teach me how you do this! lol..well hope to see you comment 🙂

  72. @ Simmer27, Justrokstar and Syshy6510:

    I have actually been meaning to delete the link to Fwebstraffic for a while, however, WordPress kept saving an auto recovery file of this post as the current version, instead of the most recent updated version.


  73. […] Membership, one of two Club Penguin Coin Codes and much more! Make sure to check it out by clicking HERE! I hope you enjoy […]

  74. Congratulations Woton!

    You can bet I will be there!


  75. Oh one other thing.

    Would you like to get on eachother’s blogrolls?

    I have 60,000 hits now!


  76. Okay I added you…But you didn’t add me. =/


  77. I’ll try and be there!

  78. penguin name: boblonja

    plz add me!!!

  79. Woton, you said you added me to your blogroll,which you didn’t, and I will have to remove you from mine if you don’t add me.


  80. i really really really really really wish i could come! i will try so hard, but i dont know how long i will be on, i think i will have company here and i also have a basketball game, so i will definitely try, but like i said, i dont think i will be able to make it! trust me, i would love to be there!

  81. Okay Woton, I have removed you from my bloggroll for now until you add me to yours.



  82. Okay all is good now.


  83. cool, hey woton help me with http://clubsecretscp.wordpress.com

  84. […] forget about my 100,000 Hits Party tomorrow, where you can win a free Six Month Club Penguin Membership, one of two Club Penguin Coin […]

  85. sweet im comming i would do anything to win a coin code can we talk on aim woton my aim is yodaads

    ~Yoda Ads~

  86. Can u tell me how did u make that invitation card?


  88. i cant wait ill see you there!

  89. Tell me how do you get that much hits in 1 day pelase!!!:(

  90. i will be there(;!

  91. Hey

    Great post as always.

    Leave a comment sometimes on my web.


    P.S. Leave a comment on my Funny pictures Page

  92. Cool! I’ll be coming!

  93. I’ll be coming today :p

  94. its today! yipee

  95. For the United Kingdom, it will be 6 O’clock PM.

    See you there Woton!

  96. hay dude can you go on aim for us to talk or my xat http://xat.com/yodaads

    ~Yoda Ads~

  97. I am tottaly coming : D

  98. :@Fjord is fullX(

  99. Wow! half an hour!

  100. Woton, I think they are planning a bot attack at your paarty!

  101. Im waiting at Fjord dock, Im so excited 😛

  102. I’M THERE

  103. I’M THERE WOTON!!! 😀

  104. can you see me!

  105. CLEAR UR INBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. I hope i win somethink 🙂

  107. TO THE BEACH!



  110. Woton i wanted to come to your party but Fjord is full so i want just to say Congratulations for 100,000 hits and Hello!Sorry for nor coming:(

  111. I was on fjord but my browser has had a problem and quitted of CP so…i cant watch you:(Please be online on your chat!:(

  112. I’m there man! 😉


  114. I wanted to win:(

  115. Sorry, Woton! I just aborted the script in Club Penguin. Lots of penguins dancing were the color of Gary and started dancing like I’ve never seen before. The penguins who were walking stayed in the same place and started moonwalking.My penguin name was even changed. I logged off quickly so no one would get banned. I hope it didn’t crash your party.


  117. I had to leave, for i went shopping.


  119. Woton u rock my socks, ur party was amazingly awesome!!! Glad i got to play against you in some of the games! 🙂


  120. The party is over! Thanks to everyone that came; it was a blast! The contest winners and party results will be announced soon!

    -(A very happy) Woton

  121. U added me!!!!Thanks man ur the greatest

  122. thank u woton i was at ur party!! and talking to u ona im (holli5ter luv3r) =D well thanks for the party cant wait to see results!

  123. Great party!

  124. It was awesome!

  125. I HOPE I win something! 😀


  126. can i be in ur blogroll?please ia added your site!i was at your party!i have a post with it!you added me as buddy!it was so cool!lol!

  127. The partay was SAW-WEET!!! Sorry I had to leave at the iceberg!

  128. heyy when r u annocing the winners?

  129. Yes when u announce the winners?:D

  130. i had to leave cause my friend came over. I didnt win anything or be a featured penguin. 😦

  131. I missed the party I could of won

  132. how do u know u could of won? anyone had a chance of winning

  133. My site is eaterjustin.wordpress.com

  134. fbgjg

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