Club Penguin Member Party Cheats!

The Member Party has been been released in the Night Club! I highly recommend going to it, for those of you that are Members.


There is a cool board that displays the names of everyone in the Night Club!


Make sure to pick up the Boombox, in the Night Club!


You can perform a groovy new dance with the Boombox!


Using the buttons in the Night Club you can change the dance floor’s theme!


You can play the new dancing game at the Dance Contest table.


Press the according keys as they appear in the game.


You can also meet DJ Cadence waddling around the Night Club! You can get a free background from her!


Have a groovy time at the party!

6 Responses

  1. The new game is very similar to DDR!


  2. Cool! I am trying so hard to find Cadence. Did you find her? I met so many people that met her. I want to meet her so bad, I can’t find anyone :). Not RH or Gary. But I really want to find Cadence!

    Good Luck finding her!

  3. Candence is Cool. Click link or Paste Link to vote Candence : Click the/Paste The link to Vote RH : Vote Aunt Arictic Vote Me:

  4. Hey woton so can you work on my site?

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