Free Six Month Club Penguin Membership Contest!

Update: The Contest is almost over! It will be over at 8:00 AM pst today!

The Member Party was released recently, and it is super cool! Unfortunately, the party is only available to Members. So, I have decided to host a quick Club Penguin Free Six Month Membership Contest!


If you are a non-member a Club Penguin Membership will give you access to the Member Party, along with a ton of other advantages such as:

Buy unlimited clothing items!

  • Have all clothing items and catalogs available to you!
  • Come up with thousands of unique clothing combinations!
  • Unlock cool dances with your items!

Own and decorate your very own igloo!

  • Decorate your igloo or buy new themes!
  • Put you igloo on the map!

Adopt more puffles!

  • Get any color of puffles you want!
  • Get up to 12 puffles!
  • Buy furniture for your puffles!

Get access to secret rooms!

  • Get access to secret rooms!
  • Much less wait to get on Club Penguin!
  • Get access to servers that would normally be full!

A six month Club Penguin Membership will give you these benefits for six months!



To win this contest you must comment on this post. Whoever comments the most wins the free Six Month Club Penguin Membership card!

The commenting rules are:

  • No rude or offensive language.
  • No spamming. (Example: h45GA@#$ASFgs542r21!$)
  • No use of third party commenting programs. I can find out if you have used one.

The contest will be over at 8:00 AM PST on January 18, so you will still have plenty of time to check out the Member Party! All comments will remain in moderation until the contest is over!

Start commenting!


22 Responses

  1. All comments will remain in moderation until the contest is over!

    Start commenting and good luck!


  2. 222xD

  3. Heyy! Nice post!

    Please visit:

    There is 2 cool contests at the moment!

  4. hey this site is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! im commenting for ur cp membership cardd :]

  5. love ittt

  6. i gots a wordpress toooo check it out woten


  8. my email is

  9. please email me thanks!! love the site

  10. plz plz let me in i really want to be a mem and i was at school so i could not comment :[ but i love ur site cause it got so many cheats i dident kno lol!

  11. pretty i really need one plz i was searching one for a long time!!!

  12. i need one badly

  13. tell who one by commenting here!

  14. your site is the best if i had a million dollers it would be all yours form your fravourite fan :]

  15. please i need

  16. plz plz plz i need it i was waiting for one single membership about forever in 315 days!!!

  17. i don’t have a club penguin member so please please can u make me a member..that would be a dream come true
    email me if u will or wont ok.

  18. can you please make me a member for free on clubpenguin.

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