Become Buddies With Woton!

A lot of people have been asking me how to become my buddy. Since my buddy list is totally full almost all of the time there’s a good chance that if you see me on Club Penguin I may not be able to add you, and if I do, I may have to delete you later.

However, here are some great ways to get on Woton’s buddy list and stay on Woton’s buddy list:

  1. Comment on Woton’s site everyday! Chances are, I’ll recognize you on Club Penguin and will add you!
  2. Participate in Woton’s contests! There’s almost always a prize to become Woton’s buddy and even if you don’t win, I’ll recognize your name on Club Penguin and add you!
  3. If you donate any Coin Codes, WordPress credits, Xats or Penguins you will definitely become Woton’s buddy forever! (More information will be released about this later)

Make sure you follow any of those steps and you’ll be sure to become Woton’s buddy! I look forward to adding you!

11 Responses

  1. What if your already Woton’s buddy? xD

    Nah, your already to good of a friend. =]


  2. Cool thx for the info woton. I think im still in your buddy list. (Spikes524) for months now.Srry I havent been on your site lately, Ive been super busy. Ok thx again and your an honor to have in my buddy list!!!! 😀

  3. i will comment everyday

  4. bye the way…do you remember my site?

    please add me to your blogroll and your buddy list.

  5. cool, i really dont want you to delete me! i might have a penguin for you. but its not old at all and it doesnt have that much stuff on it. if you want to know more about it email me at

  6. If you have been my buddy for a while chances are, you’ll stay my buddy! 😉


  7. awesome! and my cousin is really jealous that i am ur buddy!! but its so cool!!! you are so awesome and i love to see the name woton on my buddy list!!

  8. Hi it’s me Blackie4098! 😀 We met on CP today! I will comment everyday if I can!


  9. Are there exceptions for sp1ffy to get on your blogroll? xD


  10. ok!

  11. OMG i banned myself forb 24 hours

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