Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl Play at the Stage and Mini Contest!

Update: For those of you that earner, but haven’t yet gotten your prize from the Award Shop please email me at and I’ll get it to you ASAP! 😉

Hey, everyone, I’m back and posting! Loki Terry (who did an excellent job posting while I was gone) will not be posting for a while on my site.

The Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl play has been released at the Stage!


You can click the buttons and switches on the Switchbox3000 to activate special effects on the Stage.


If you’re a Ninja, you’ve been able to see this lantern in the Costume Truck Catalog:


The price of the lantern is 575. Do any of you know about the Japanese poems called haiku? The Sensei almost always speaks in haikus. The rule with a haiku is that it’s a three-line poem; the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables. In other words: 5-7-5.

In case you haven’t noticed I have changed the site’s theme.

I will be having a Club Penguin Coin Code contest, unlike any you have ever seen before!

Also, make sure to keep visiting my site! I will be having a 100,000 hits party soon!


Mini Contest

Can you guess what party this picture was taken at? Just comment your answer on this post!

The first person to get the correct answer will be added to Woton’s buddy list! Everyone else who gets the answer right will get their names posted on this list of contest:














Clone 787



Pingu Iza97








Yellow ribs















(more coming soon…)

83 Responses

  1. What do you think about the new play?


  2. Well, it’s the same play over 5 times i have seen this.

  3. The pictures from the april fools party. Im cornchop5000.

  4. Hi its chinsetakout!
    I am having my 100,000 hits party today! Here is the info:
    Server: Matterhorn
    Place: Dock
    Time: 10:30am Penguin Stadard Time

    I really hope to see you there 😀


  5. april fools party ’08!
    its at the pizza parlor if i have to say that…

  6. im already woton’s buddy but i am proctecting it!!!

  7. mini contst, its the april fools party!! 2007, i think…

    ~ Sk8itbot ~

  8. April Fools’ Day I think so.

  9. sorry, 2008, not 07

    ~ Sk8itbot ~

  10. April Fools Party!!

  11. The April Fool’s Party? (Best partay EVA!!!)

  12. the picture was from the pizza parlour garnd opening party

  13. The picture of the piano was from the april fools party in 2008

  14. is it at the pizza parlor?

  15. April Fools party!


  16. April Fools party!

    Fun Flipperz

  17. its aprils fool party pixs

  18. That piano is at the pizza Parlor.

    i saw you at Chewy’s party.
    Pleazse add me, if its right.

  19. april fools party

  20. Sweet Site. Il Add You To My Blogrole But I dont see you have added me to yours.

    ~Yoda Ads~

  21. I have Added You to my blogrole. add me as

    Name: Yoda Ads

    Site http:

    ~yoda ads~

  22. Hey everybody!!!

    I’m having a massive contest at my site!!!

    The prizes include a 1100 day old Member Penguin with 2nd pin, 4 other penguins and may many more prizes. So comment there for more points. For more info either click my name or visit the link below:


  23. this is from the 2008 april fools party eh??

  24. The party is the April Fools Day Party (2008)

    Easy. 😛

  25. *2008

    Pictures of every CP Party plus a whole lot more! 😀

  26. that was at april fools party 2008

  27. It’s from the April Fools party I think.

  28. april fools party.

  29. April Fools Party 2008

  30. It is taken in april fool party!!

  31. Pizza Parlor!

  32. April Fool’s Party 2008

  33. pizza parlor

  34. I think the picture is from April Fools.

  35. Ahh, my earlier comment didn’t post. It’s the April Fools party. Unless it did post, and you deleted it so no one else copied. Just making sure though.

  36. Ummm… it didn’t post that one either. I guess your making it so that you have to accept the comments first.

  37. Cool Post!
    Comment Back @


    I need a new topic!

  38. Mini Contest:

    The answer is:
    The 2008 April Fools day Pizza Parlor!


  39. april fools party!

  40. Hey Woton! It’s the April Fool’s Party!!

  41. Haha, I’m in the first picture.

    Oh and I have to ask you something so gon on the DP chat when you can.


  42. is from the April’s fool party?

  43. The April Fools Party 2008

  44. Cool! Man Thanks for adding i will add!

  45. april fools party

  46. I am holding a election. Here is all the info to enter:


    Page: The Kyrsten Falls(Read the whole page!)


    -Kyrsten98 Waddle on!

  47. dude where is my penguin?!

  48. That pic w/ the piano was taken at the April Foo;’s 2008 party.

  49. the anwser is april fools

    bye the way this is nath bez

    the one who emailed you

  50. hey!
    why am i not on your blogroll!
    i commented enough the day you announced the contest winners!
    i also need to be a contributor!
    add me please! I EARNED IT!


  51. Pizza Palor

  52. April fools day

  53. april fools party 08′ at pizza parlor.

  54. Yay! I Won! I E-mailed you the time we should meet woton. Thanks man! Awesome site! Woo hoo!

  55. Awesome.Are you going to have a party?If you are I am going top come.

  56. Aprils Fools party 08 at pizza -palor.

  57. first ONE?
    you said first FIVE!

  58. Pizza Parlor

  59. April Fool’s Party 2008? I guessed because of the Life-Like piano 😀

  60. april fools 2008

  61. april fools day party

  62. april fools day party ’08

  63. Im Cornchop5000’s buddy in real life, and we were waiting for you to show up! Where were you? We waited for 15 minutes! You didn’t show up!

  64. Also, April Fool’s party 08. Pizza Parlor by the piano!

  65. I won a contest like 2 years ago for a rare penguin while i was still an author on the site and i never got it xD I had put 100 comments too.

  66. April fools party, 2008, pizza parlour.

  67. april fools party

  68. 1 award

  69. 2 award

  70. 3 award

  71. April Fools party08.Pizza -the piano

  72. i have seen the new play twice now!

  73. hey you changed what your penguin thing looks like when you comment on here.


  75. It is the april fools day party!

  76. April Fool’s i think…

  77. April Fools 2008

  78. This is quite a up-to-date info. I’ll share it on Digg.


  80. april fools 2008

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