Contest Winners!

Wow! This was a massive contest, the largest contest I have ever had! Over 30,000 comments were posted for the contest! It was an close contest however the winners are:

  • 1st Place: Bob59 (with 8756 points) won a free 6 Month Club Penguin Membership, a free Club Penguin Coin Code to unlock items online and a choice of a prize from the Choice List!
  • 2nd Place: Whaleman1 (with 7468 points) won a free Club Penguin Coin Code to unlock items online and a choice of a prize from the Choice List!
  • 3rd Place: Dembikova (with 7130 points) won a penguin over 1000 days old, on my blogroll for a week and a choice of a prize from the Choice List!
  • 4th Place: Blowsight10 (with 4480 points) won a penguin over 1000 days old!
  • 5th place: Kevinice95 (with 3831 points) won on my blogroll for a week!
  • 6th Place: Kooki95 (with 2588 points) won a choice of a prize from the Choice List!
  • 7th Place: There were over a hundred people that participated in the contest so I unfortuntately cannot list everyone like I said I would however, if you participated in the contest just leave a comment on this post saying “I participated!” and I will add your name to this list:
















Nath Bez


Jx 95



(more to come…)

This was a massive contest and I am amazed at how many people participated! Usually my contests are not this large so, for those of you that didn’t win, I will be a having a ton of smaller contests soon, that will be won other ways than commenting!

Congrats to the winners, please email me to collect your prize!

150 Responses

  1. Once again, I will be having a ton of smaller contests soon! You will be able to win them by doing different things than commenting!

    Contest winners; email me to get your prizes!


  2. WOW! That’s a TON of comments!
    Congrats Woton!

  3. Hey woton this is powerflame from or Just wanted to know if you wanted to work together, meet in clubpenguin, or just talk. So either comment me on my site, or email me at, THANKS.

  4. # 2 for the awrds page

  5. i want to get to 120 to get blogroll for 2 weeks and a contributer for a week

  6. I participated!

  7. i participated!

  8. over halfway there! remember, this is for the awards page!

  9. yay!!! again, please can i be on your blogroll for two weeks, , and a contributor for a week!

  10. ps. i didn’t mean to advertise just if you didn’t know my site name.

  11. I participaed!

  12. o well……
    i was really looking forward in winning 😥

  13. I participated!

  14. I participated

  15. …………….. Let me win next time!…………. I Hope I was 10th place or 7th place haven you choose me to be Winner?

  16. “i participated”

  17. If you would like a free member account, a rare nonmember account, or a not-so-rare account, go to my site!

  18. i paticipated

  19. my email is the one im using on the account, jux eidt the comment and you can get it

  20. i paticipated

    comment on my blog!

  21. i participated

  22. I participated, thought I would win 😦
    Oh well, congratulations to the winners. Keep it up

    -Jx 95

  23. I think I’m gonna give my prize to the person after me…

  24. Would you like to become an author on my 300,000 hit site? Click here to apply:
    Good luck!

  25. Awesome Site!!!
    Check out my site and comment back
    if ya can!!!

  26. Hey woton xx
    Im not pushing any barriers here but u do know i work on Dembikova and Trainz Railz’s Blog!!(have done for the past few months)

  27. Congrats on Everyone winning!

  28. Why haven’t I been added yet?

  29. oh come on woton why couldn’t i have won…

  30. unreal should have won booo you

  31. I participated with about 100 comments.

    Now I know never to enter another comment contest.

  32. I participated! I don’t wanna be left out hehe! Btw, can you show us who came after 7th place, like, what place EVERYONE would’ve gotton? It’s ok if you don’t, but it would be cool though!


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