New Penguin Style Catalog + New Pin

Well today the new Penguin Style Catalog came out, and the New Pin

The New Pin is a Gingerbread Man, Located in the Ski Lodge, Attic


Now for the Penguin Style Catalog Cheats:

Click on the red paint bucket, for the spikester hair.


Click on the Light Blue for the spikette.


Click the flower pot for the fruit headdress.


Click the orange present for the yellow scarf.


Click the tip of the mountain for the Russian hat.


Click the snow on the top of the tree, to get the red viking helmet. Click 3 more times for the blue helmet.


Click the black hat for the pink pom pom.


Click the snowflake for the red hoodie.


Thats All!

~Loki Terry

6 Responses

  1. cool thx

  2. Hello!

    You are invited to my party which is today( Saturday ), 12 pm CPTZ, at Fjord Dock!

    Hope to see you there!


  3. I haven’t been to Woton’s site in a while, so I don’t know who’s Loki Terry. But, at my opinion, Terry’s work is really quality.

  4. Luigi7 is banned forever!

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