New Newspaper Janurary #168

Hey Everyone, I just want to wish you a happy New Year! 2009, cp updates are still carrying on!

FireWorks have finally been put on!

Old Play Returns – Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl Returns – Janurary 9th until Feburary 12th

New Penguin Style Catalog – Janurary 2nd until Feburary 5th

New Better Igloo’s Catalog! – Jan 16th – Feb 19th

New Pin Tomorrow [2nd Janurary until 15th Janurary]:


Thats All!

~Loki Terry

6 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. 27th comment for woton’s awards page!ALMOST THERE!

  3. 28th comment for woton’s awards page!

  4. 29th comment for woton’s awards page!ONE MORE 2 GO IM SO EEXXCCITTEEDD!!

  5. 30th comment for woton’s awards page!WOOT! IM DONE OH YEA!!!WO HOO 30 COMMENTS !!JUST WAT I NEED TO BE A CONTRIBUTOR FOR A WEEK!

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