Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats – Waddle Squad Tutorial

Club Penguin Mission 10 -Step by step guide

1. First thing talk to Gary, and rookie. Then when you have done that  pick up the box of odds at the end from Gary’s gadgets.

2. Go to the Beach and talk to the jetpack penguin. The jetpack penguin has ran out of fuel and he needs more cream soda!

3. Go inside the Lighthouse and pick up the barrel, what will be full with cream soda!

4. Go back to the Beach and talk to the jetpack penguin again. Make sure you say Yes you have found it. Then give it him.

5. Follow the Help Message [It’s in the bottle]  and divide the units exactly how it says until you get to the end.

6. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin with the rope in his hand, he located at the hydro hopper. Take the rope and put it in your inventory.

7. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Hand him the solar panel you got from G’s gadgets at the beginning of the mission. Then when you finished get the table, box of stuff, and clothes from the manager.

8. Now attach the solar pannel to the magnet wires. There is instructions telling you how to do it.

This what it should look like: 

9. Now help  the Gift Shop Manager set up the clearance table, out side the gift shop:

First: Put the colourful balls on the ground!

Second: Set up the table!

Third:  Put the clothes on the table

10. Go to the Nightclub. Use the Rope and put it near the cage and click the lever. The machine will break down. So open up your screwdriver from your Spy Phone. Then Align the gears so they fit.

11. Go to HQ. Your Spy Phone will ring and it will say “Go to the Dock”. Go to the dock and you will see will see Klutzy holding a Herbert dummy.

 12. Your Spy Phone will ring again. Answer it and then go to the NightClub.

13.  Capture  Herbert  by pooling the red lever down on him.

14. He Breaks Free!, So  Take the Jetpack from the jetpack penguin and put it over the red level. That will Capture Herbert again.

15.  Rookie will hand Herbert the spy phone and then Herbert will get away again. Talk to G and the mission will end.

Claim your medal.

This has been one of the best missions!

He was allmost caught darn Rookie

Thats All

~Loki Terry


3 Responses

  1. lol i thought the mission with herbert is over
    but i guess is bac to plan 1 lol

  2. hii thanks alot that really help i love this site!!!!!! (contest)

  3. It was taken at April Fools Party!!

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