Club Penguin Christmas Party 2008!

The Christmas Party is finally here! Here are the latest Club Penguin cheats for the party.

First, stop by the Snow Forts to collect your Santa Hat!


Next, grab the Santa Beard at the Ski Village.


To finish off your Santa outfit, go to the Ski Lodge and grab the Present Pin!


Don’t forget to check out the three new books at the Book Room, located above the Coffee Shop!


Make sure to check out the falling snow at the Ski Mountain and Ice Burg!


Also, the Ice Rink has returned in place of the Soccer Pitch! Make sure to check it out!


Check out all of the rooms around Club Penguin! They are all covered in tons of snow! Talking of which, I’ve been home for the last three days because my school had snow days!


10 Responses

  1. Question of the Day: What is your favorite room?


  2. The Mine!

  3. guess who it is

  4. its me inferno

  5. 🙂 long time no see woton

  6. contest

  7. contest!

  8. contest!!


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