Many of you have probably realized that I haven’t been here for the last week. This is because my site, email and penguin were hacked by someone I know in real life. A few other accounts I owned were also hacked by that person, but I got them back, too. They threatened to delete my site and all of my account, but I finally got them back. All of my authors have been deleted for now and a few other changes have been make to my site to take percautions from being hacked again.


Igloo Decorating Contest

It’s that time again – Club Penguin’s Christmas Party starts tomorrow and goes until Dec. 29th. As you’re getting ready to celebrate, we don’t want you to forget about the igloo decorating contest. There will be 10 Grand Prize (25,000 coins each!) and 10 Runner-Up (10,000 coins each) winners selected during the party. Judges will look for creativity and originality, so use your imagination as you decorate! Winners will be announced in the Jan 1st newspaper.


To view all of the other Club Penguin cheats I missed click more.

All of these Club Penguin cheats thanks to Chewy.


Coins for Change

Coins for Change is a program where kids help other kids by donating their coins they earn on Club Penguin. You can donate your Club Penguin coins at the coins for change bucket at the Plaza and Beach. You can also pick up a free bell.


In the end, Club Penguin will donate money to kids around the world, to the following causes.

1. Kids who are sick.
2. Kids who are poor and can’t go to school.
3. Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war.


The Quest for the Golden Puffle

The new Quest for the Golden Puffle play was released at the stage. Here’s a previous of it.


The new Costume Trunk catalog has some new items for the golden puffle play. Here are the Club Penguin cheats for the new Costume Trunk catalog.


Click the puffle on on page two, to get the Crooks and Flail.



Better Igloos Catalog

A new Better Igloos catalog was released. Here are the Club Penguin cheats for the new catalog.

Click the holly berries for the leaning tree.


Click the velvet rope for the welcome mat.


New posts cards were added to Penguin Mail. Check and send a few cards to your penguin friends.



Rockhopper’s Arrival

Rockhopper has finally made landfall at the Beach. This time, his ship is nicely decorated for the Christmas.


For Rockhopper’s catalog, you can get a free Red Sailors Hat. All of the other items are old stuff from a while ago.


The Treasure Hunt game had an update too. Instead of searching for gems, you need to search for candy.



United Kingdom Toys

So many of you in the United Kingdom have been asking when the new Club Penguin toys will be available there. The Club Penguin team has been working hard to make this happen, and they apologize that it’s taking so long. They’re so happy to finally be able to announce that the following toys will be available in a variety of UK locations very, very soon:

6″ Limited Penguins
2″ Mix ‘N Match Figures
4″ Pet Puffles
Igloo Playsets


Club Penguin trading cards will be available in the United Kingdom soon, too! That’s all the Club Penguin cheats for now.


Christmas Decorations

Club Penguin is preparing for the upcoming Christmas party that starts Friday. They’ve already put out boxes of decorations in several rooms. You can see the decoration boxes in the following rooms:

Ski Village:







Happy77 Returns

Happy77, a Club Penguin moderator, has returned. We haven’t spoke or seen Happy77 since the beginning of Club Penguin, but she’s still around. Happy77 writes for Club Penguin, and loves to play mancala. He’s also been told she’s a bit curious. Here’s Happy77 at the HQ.


Happy77 will be blogging the latest Club Penguin news on the Club Penguin blog.


Command Room Secret

Most penguins think that you need the code to access the Command Room, but that isn’t the case. If you have Elite Penguin Force at home, connect to Club Penguin using a wi-fi connection, and log into your penguin. When you connect to Club Penguin on your DS, you can unlock the Command Room, and upload coins. You don’t need the code that comes with the Elite Penguin Force game to unlock this room. The code only unlocks 1500 coins and access to the Command Room through your spy phone.


If your brother or sister has the Elite Penguin Force game, you don’t need to buy it again. You can have up to three accounts on the Elite Penguin Force DS game.

Christmas Party Sneak Peek

Many penguins are excited about the Christmas party that starts Friday, and have been wondering about the boxes that are displayed around Club Penguin. The Club Penguin team has been busy preparing for the Christmas party, and can hardly wait to see what you think. Here’s a preview of the Night Club, with a sign about the Work Shop.



Christmas Newspaper

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper came out today. The new Club Penguin Times is about the updates of the Christmas party 2008 which starts tomorrow.


Tomorrow the Club Penguin Christmas 2008 Party starts!


Tomorrow there’s also a Club Penguin igloo contest which will end at the december 29th


December 25th is the day that the coins for change results will be announced


December 26th club penguin will have a special celebration for the new year








4 Responses

  1. I will have a new contest very soon!


  2. That’s sad. Add me as an author again as soon as you can.

  3. Now that’s evil. I hope it doesn’t happen to you ever again.

  4. Omg you have been hacked on everything. If i was in a state like you ill poke the hacker’s eyes out if i know who they where.

    Woton: Don’t worry, I got everything back. 😉

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