Club Penguin Upcoming Events

The Club Penguin Times has been released and here are all of the Club Penguin cheats coming soon!

December 12-22: Rockhopper drops into Club Penguin to help us celebrate Christmas!


December 12- January 9: New play at the stage, the Quest for the Golden Puffle!


December 12-22: Help others in need with Coins for Change!


December 12: New holiday postcards!


December 19-29: Christmas Party in Club Penguin!


December 19- January 1: New pin hidden!

Most of these updates will happen tomorrow, December 12, so make sure to check out my site for the latest Club Penguin cheats!


4 Responses

  1. Hi, It’s me peggggo from Dojo Penguins. Awesome site Woton.

  2. […] forget to check out my site for all of the Club Penguin cheats being released tomorrow! Read here to find out what’s happening! Also, I am going to get my site into the Holiday spirt soon, so […]

  3. i am just wondering, how much will you be donating to coins for change?

    guess what? today is my birthday!!!

  4. Wonton what is Club peguin?

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