Blogroll Contest Winner and Club Penguin Cheats Moderator!

The winner of the blogroll contest is Cheetyweety! Congrats, you have been added to my blogroll!

For those of you that didn’t get on my blogroll and don’t have the requirements you can always be on my Ultimate Blogroll!

Also, I am now a Club Penguin Cheats Moderator! This means I am an editor on Chewy and Mohd’s site!


16 Responses

  1. Make sure to visit Chewy and Mohd’s site at


  2. You only made them win because they would make you a mod.

  3. Chewy and Mohd didn’t win, Cheetyweety did. Cheetyweety isn’t doing anything for me.


  4. Congratulations Cheetyweety! *claps* Yay Cheetyweety! Woo hoo! All right! Yay! Waddle On! ~Pinkgirl3919

  5. Why did you delete my post?

  6. I didn’t delete any posts of yours.


  7. omg i won? thank you so much guys!

  8. also thanks for being good sports! if i knew how to add a blog roll on my site i would TOTALLY add you all!

  9. in case you are wondering my blog is about clubpenguin and webkinz! woton is free to copy off it all he wants!

  10. also woton how do you make the snow fall on your blog? please tell!

  11. Can I be an author on your site or Will you be an auhtor on my site or somthing?

  12. Hey Woton! Awesome site! Check out mine!


  13. How did I not win!? Thats the guyest thing EVER! I totally I won!
    I commented right when the post first came out!

  14. Hey Woton, Now that you work there can you help? Ever since I entered one of there comment contests my comments blocked.

  15. hm.. cognitively 🙂

  16. any updates coming ?

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