Club Penguin New Pin, December Clothing Catalog Secrets and Rockhopper!

The Snowfort pin is located at the Pet Shop.


Click on the lights on the Christmas Tree for the Yellow Scarf.


Click on the snow on top of the tree for the Russian Hat.


Click on the Lighthouse for the Red Hoodie.


Click on the eyes of the penguin for the Red Viking Helmet.


Open and close the Red Viking Helmet three times for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click on the Pink Flipper for the Black Superhero Mask.


Also, Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator can be seen through the telescope at the Beacon. His ship looks like it has Christmas decorations on it. Rockhopper will probably arrive at the Christmas Party.


Also, I will have a new contest coming very soon!


11 Responses

  1. What is your favorite part of Rockhopper coming?


  2. Everything!! Will you add me?Set up a time and place we can meet.Comment it on my website

  3. yes third comment

  4. nice post woton. cant wait for your new contest!! Also someone banned Luigi7 today(not me). still has 12 hour ban left. =(. thx for the penguins again!! =)

  5. awesome. i did not ban luigi7. i tried to get on him the other day and he was banned. its weird

  6. me fave part of rh is when i TRY to find him but im no good at it!

  7. woton! can you meet me on cp today? at yukon server! look at the snowforts! i invited fever, and goon at 4:00(this blog time)! THNX!

  8. wait! server yuokon is full! try server sleet! look for spot4657!

  9. Cool, thanks for the cheats! I would never find the hidden cloths with out you and your cheat site. Your a great help!

  10. To get snow go to
    Appearance > Extras > Check falling snow.

    hope that helped

    dont forget to always…
    waddle on snow !


  11. can you add me please on cp and wow
    its snowing awsome

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